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Helpful Tips for Deterring Electric Bike Thieves

Jan 14, 2023

Cycling has become a common form of transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Complaints about stolen bikes have continued to grow as more people use e-bikes for commuting or exercise. Sales of bicycles have skyrocketed, creating more opportunities for thieves.

Because electric mountain bikes are much more expensive than traditional bikes, this makes them a highly sought-after product among bike thieves and they usually need improved anti-theft protection.

We often see electric mountain bikes being stolen in many ways in the news, but usually there are two ways: dismantling their expensive parts or simply stealing the entire bike.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced rider, theft is an unavoidable problem. Unfortunately, if the vehicle  is stolen,  not only will there be economic losses but it will also cause inconvenience for travel.

The good news is that theft is somewhat preventable and you don't have to let an incident that hasn't happened stop you from thinking about buying an electric bike. Here are best practices to prevent your electric-assisted cycle from being stolen and essential tips to minimize the risk. Before you regret it, it's time to buck up and protect it!

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Lock it up

Inexpensive steel cable locks can't withstand a burglar with a bolt cutter. Of course, no lock is indestructible but it can stop an unprepared thief. Always choose a high-quality lock, preferably a U-lock which requires a large bolt cutter or angle grinder to cut through.

Bicycle locks are mainly divided into the following types: folding locks, U-shaped locks, chain locks, cable locks and disc brake locks. Locks generally have security ratings. The higher the security level, the less likely the bike will be stolen.

We recommend installing a lock on the bike frame and tires, connected with a chain or other type of lock, so the thief can only carry the bike instead of riding it. And, different types of locks need to be cut using various tools  which can prolong the unlocking time thieves require. Faced with multiple lines of defense, most thieves will choose to find another target .

Don't take any chances

Locking the electric cycle is the most basic measure to prevent theft. You might think thieves would not choose to commit crimes during the day and when arriving at your destination, park your vehicle randomly and leave it unlocked. This provides convenient conditions for thieves.

Please don't wait until your bike is stolen to regret it! Always lock your bike when you leave it, even for a short time. Even if it is within sight, you can't let your guard down.

While locks are not unbreakable, it is best to remember to use  them. Both fluke and carelessness can increase the risk of bicycle theft, so be sure to guard against potential  flukes or a careless mentality when parking your bicycle.

 The battery

Remove the battery

Component costs affect the price of an electric bike and high-value electric fat bikes are often equipped with expensive and high-quality components. Cyrusher electric fat bikes use Samsung or Panasonic lithium batteries, Bafang motors and Shimano transmissions, among other things.

These expensive components are also a target for thieves who may destroy bike frames to obtain batteries and other valuable parts. A bike without a battery can significantly reduce the interest of thieves.

If your vehicle is parked outside for an extended period, we recommend you remove the battery and bring it indoors. This effectively reduces the value of bikes and their attractiveness to thieves.

Also, most electric assist bikes for sale require a key to remove the battery but thieves will still break into them. After all, thieves don't care about your bike and they will target the valuable parts.

It's a good idea to remember the serial number of your bike or battery. This is different for every model and it's an essential piece of information. In terms of maintenance , please take out the battery and charge it separately. This can avoid the influence of wind, rain, sun exposure and extreme temperatures and  maintain it in good working condition. Store it in a dry and well-ventilated place to prolong its service life.

Choose a safe parking location

Finding the right place to park your bike is crucial to its security. If you want to lock  your electric mountain bike somewhere while you  take care of business, choose something sturdy such as a large tree, street sign or concrete pillar. It's best to avoid securing your bike to something that can  be easily cut through since this can make your electric fat tire bike a target for thieves.

If possible, avoid areas where bicycle theft is a frequent occurrence. If your destination is a secluded area where theft is common, park your e-bike further away, lock it up and walk to your destination. Not only will this reduce the risk of bike theft, but you'll also have more freedom to take care of things.

Shady alleys and low-traffic areas give thieves  more time and opportunity  to remove the lock and steal the bike, so avoid these areas as much as possible when parking your vehicle.

While theft can also occur in stores, markets and intersections with high population movement, they’re much better than sheltered places. Thieves don't have the luxury of using an angle grinder to cut your lock on a busy street; after all, no one can continue to steal an electric cycle calmly while people around them stare.

Safe places to park are in high-traffic and well-lit public areas or look for guarded car parks, carports and suitable bike storage facilities, etc. and make sure your electric mountain bike cannot be easily carried away.

You can ensure that there are surveillance facilities near the parking location which can deter bike thieves and reduce the risk of bike theft. If the vehicle  is unfortunately stolen, this will  also make it easy for the police to collect follow-up information and increase the possibility of recovering it.

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Do not park your electric bike outside overnight

It's easier for thieves to take your bike in the dark. Because darkness allows thieves to hide, they have more time to use their  tools to steal their targets. Even if you lock your e-bike to a sturdy fixture, thieves have the means to cut the lock open and pull the bike away.

Since it's nighttime, no one even notices. Darkness is a frequent time for theft and it's a prime time for thieves to take their targets.

Consider buying a folding electric bike or a lightweight commuter bike if you live in an apartment. For example, one option is the Cyrusher Bandit that is a rebrand of the XF690 Max. It's great for urban commuters and its thick tires and full suspension make it an excellent mountain bike. A foldable electric fat bike, it’s easy to carry in your car  trunk or inside when storage is tight.

Don't keep your electric fat bike in the same place all the time

In terms of reducing traffic pressure, environmental pollution and personal exposure to viruses, electric bicycles have played an indispensable role. Plus,  they can also save on expenditures. If you take the same route to work or school every day, park in the same place and use the same lock, you risk being targeted by thieves.

Using the same location, lock and route will allow the thief to research your riding style, find the tools they need to break the lock and determine the best way to steal the bike. Not changing the status quo will give a patient thief  weeks or months  to prepare a comprehensive theft plan or even set a trap for you.

Finding a different route to your destination effectively prevents thieves from preparing for a targeted attack. Occasionally breaking the routine can help blur the thief's impression of you and your bike.

Installation of GPS tracker

Even with all precautions taken, theft can still happen. No single thing is safe. A bicycle tracker is based on a satellite positioning system. It automatically obtains GPS information and other data and feeds all the information back to the user utilizing a cell phone text message or application. The user can use the map to locate or monitor the bicycle remotely.

Installing a GPS tracker on your electric mountain bike can significantly increase the likelihood of recovering your bike. As soon as a thief tries to move your bike, the associated tracker app sends a text message to you. Providing the bike's location to the police can increase the efficiency of recovering your bike and help restore your daily life.

You can mount the tracker in the water bottle holder, under the saddle or at the bottom of the monitor which are relatively hidden locations and make it difficult for thieves to find the device.

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Purchase Insurance

If you have money in the budget, we recommend buying insurance. There are various types of insurance and you can choose the appropriate one according to your needs. In the unfortunate event that your bike is stolen, you can get reasonable compensation.

There are now insurance policies that specifically cover e-bikes which can effectively reduce the financial loss for riders. In addition to theft, insurance covers most of the material damage you may suffer in the event of an accident.

Prompt response

In North America, more than 2 million bicycles are stolen every year. Among  bicycle enthusiasts, 25% have reduced their number of rides to avoid theft, 7% of bike owners have given up riding bicycles and only 20% of stolen electric cycle owners will choose to call the police.

If you ignore the problem of bicycle theft, it will only encourage the arrogance of the thief. If a bicycle is stolen, please call the police immediately. A timely reaction helps police gather information and increases the likelihood of recovery.

Preventing bike theft is a responsibility riders can't avoid. These reliable and effective precautions and responses can reduce the security threat. Fear not. It’s time to get out and enjoy the Cyrusher electric fat bike!