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Why Cyrusher is an excellent business?

Sep 15, 2022

With no doubts, Cyrusher is an excellent business. As a small company selling bicycle parts online initially, Cyrusher has developed into a high-performance electric bicycle company that is inseparable from its technology, features, services, and ideas. Let's delve into this brand and find out why cycling enthusiasts worldwide love it.

The high-permance e-bikes produced by Cyrusher has won praise from customers worldwide for its attitude and experience of first-class service.

Based in Shenzhen, China, the company has fulfillment centers and showrooms in China, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Cyrusher also has local teams in the United States, United Kingdom, and France to serve domestic users.

There are offline stores in Utah, the United States and Gloucester in the United Kingdom. There are various electric bicycles in the store for users to pick from and experience where it also has professional electrical engineers in the store to help you fix problems, choose the suitable model at any time, and teach you some knowledge about bicycles, including professional adjustment of speed mode and safety settings. Experience a variety of models through test rides, choose the best model fits you well, meanwhile the store also provides free assembly. After the professional adjustment, you can ride home directly.

Local service teams in UK, US and France.--0915

The brand provides direct local delivery and installation services in France. The service team is from France, which solves the problems of prolonged delivery time and complex maintenance. The service content mainly uses trucks for delivery and transportation installation services, and the team's contact information is painted on the truck. This kind of mobile service can realize fast delivery and installation service and meet users' needs in different regions. During the service process, it can communicate directly with customers to popularize the use and maintenance of bicycles. If you need to repair during the warranty period, you can contact the local French team to explain the needs and solve the difficulties.

And in the service process, there will be professional 24-hour online customer service for you. According to any questions you raise, we will make the most reasonable solution for you, help you answer your doubts, and provide technical assistance.


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All Cyrusher e-bikes come with a two-year warranty, beating the one-year warranty offered by many bike brands on the market. It just verifies the high quality of this product. Out of the trust of its quality, it provides a two-year warranty, which is more convincing and competitive than those cheap bikes with short warranty periods.

The future mission of the company

Why the name Cyrusher? Inspiration mainly comes from two words - rusher and cycling, meaning we are driven to be the pioneers of cycling. The company has increased in recent years, overcoming barriers such as language, national websites, and laws and regulations. It has grown into a global company selling high-performance electric bicycles online in more than ten countries. Such rapid and effective growth is inseparable from the company's existing development plans and future strategic goals.

The company's design and production will actively listen to customers' opinions, consider product applications from the customer's point of view, and be closer to customer needs.

The brand's mission is to create the most excellent, most cost-effective products through innovative design and green technology to meet the growing global demand for unique short-distance exercise solutions. The vision is to create the next generation of exceptional personal mobility vehicles accessible to everyone. And, this isn't just a conventional electric bike - the possibilities are endless!

Learn about the company's future development goals and see how many users will receive the company's best-selling models.

Top Rated Electric Bike - XF900

It is one of the best-selling models in the brand's bicycle catalog and is well-received by customers. The following is a screenshot of a user's objective evaluation.

User Jason, a verified customer, says: "I don't give five stars easily. In this case, the ordering for the riding has been above my expectations. I was impressed that included were simple tools to assemble the bike, even though I had my own. I'm a heavier rider at about 270lb, and I've not found it lacking in the capability of performance or feel I'm stressing it. At 5' 6", I'm a bit short for mounting and dismounting, but I feel comfortable while riding and pedaling. I was curious about the range and wide open throttle in P.A.S. 5. On flat ground, I got 18 miles, not giving it any assistance. Next, I was curious how far I had assisted. I kept it in PAS1, and after 31 miles (my legs were jelly), I still had 3 of 5 bars on the screen, and the battery still had 2 of the three green lights. So if you are looking for a bike to get you out and moving, you can't go wrong for the price. There are fewer and more expensive bikes, but I feel this hits a sweet spot in features, quality, and price. So I think if you want an ebike and are looking at the XF900, then buy the bike. Buy a bike if you wish to exercise or see the world more. At 50ish years old, it's like life before and after cell phones. You'll ask yourself how you lived without it. If it's something you want and can afford, you'll not be disappointed if you buy the bike."

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Why can many users love XF900? What technologies and features does it contain?

Power Strength

750W Bafang Motor: With 1500W peak power and 80Nm torque, the powerful motor allows you to run at high speed and feel the speed and passion. High strength and high torque determine its climbing ability.

48V, 17AH Lithium Battery: It's waterproof and removable and adds an easy-to-use USB charging port on the battery to charge your G.P.S. and phone anytime. It has a range of 50-62 miles on a full charge. With its long itinerary range, it can meet your round-trip needs.

Intelligent controller: The maximum output is 25 amps, which can determine the strength at startup and control the speed and torque of the motor. And it also has a variety of riding modes, namely 0-5PAS riding mode. It's fully programmable and has a mechanical pedal system for complete customization with select speeds and other safety settings. It uses a 3.7-inch LCD screen for display, and with just three buttons, you can get all the information you need, such as current speed, battery level, and mileage.

Technical Strength

Full Suspension: Its front fork is styled like a motorcycle, very unique. And it has a 110mm travel preload, which can be adjusted for preload. The opening device can be selected on steep terrain and closed on undulating ground, which is easy to use. Additional rear spring suspension increases overall model shock absorption, improving ride comfort and versatility.

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Zoom hydraulic brake: The front and rear large 160/180mm hydraulic disc brakes are used. With their quick response and fast braking, users are more assured, and the motor cut-off function is added to increase riding safety. Coupled with the acceleration method of the upper half-twist throttle, it can prevent accidental activation and burst out, and the acceleration method is more convenient and safe.

Transmission: A Shimano 7-speed drivetrain is used that adjusts gears according to road conditions. Adjust to a smaller gear when driving at high speeds and a larger gear when riding uphill. Combined with the 5-level pedal assist system, you can customize the pedaling rhythm to complete your journey.

Puncture-resistant fat tires: Mountain-style puncture-resistant fat tires have excellent performance against rugged terrain, even on blood-covered ground, with solid grip and traction. Mountain-style fat tires are unique, making you more notable among the crowd.

Lighting: They had 250 lumens L.E.D. headlights, integrated brake taillights, and their own electronic horn. The taillights automatically come on when the brake signal is activated as a warning reminder; the headlights can improve driving safety at night or in low visibility.

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Vehicle Advantage

With its massive tires, powerful motor, high-capacity battery, and sleek frame design, the XF900 can easily traverse any terrain. Whether it's mountains, rough trails, sandy beaches, and city commutes, this full-suspension e-bike will get you where you want to be for the adventure you've always dreamed of. A top-rated bike, it combines power, function, and beauty. It's full of energy, has no impenetrable terrain, climbs the most challenging slopes, has a great sense of power, and even bad weather isn't a reason to back down, either.

Below are their contact details if you want to know more about the brand.

US official website: https://www.cyrusher.com/
UK official website: https://www.cyrusher.co.uk/
French official website: https://cyrusher.fr/
German official website: https://cyrusher.de/
Phone: (385) 382-1622
Address: 124 S 600 W Suite 102, Logan UT 84321

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