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Why Are Electric Bicycles Better Than Cars?

Jul 05, 2022

With cars off the road during COVID-19, many governments are encouraging people to use bicycles worldwide. As an alternative to public transportation, cycling can avoid crowds and reduce the possibility of spreading COVID-19. With the lives of people at risk, the number of cyclists in the United States has set a record. More people choose bicycles or electric bikes to travel. Many people have a new yearning for life on the outskirts of the city-no pollution, no car exhaust pollution.

Automobile Cycle Electric bike
Driving style Fuel Manpower Manpower+electricity
Speed Faster Slow Fast
Degree of pollution Air pollution, noise pollution, etc. None None
Applicable distance no specific distance Short distance Depends on the size of the motor
Weight Ton Light and handy According to the motor size
and structural design
Targetedconsumergroups To have a driver's license None None
The cost High None Low
Affected by traffic Heavy Less Less


In contrast, the use of cars in daily life is extensive, the speed is fast, and there is no specific limit of distance.No matter how far, the vehicle can reach. But in the face of traffic congestion, drivers can only wait for the congestion to pass. Moreover, with the rising oil prices caused by the changing international situation, the cost of using automobiles is constantly hitting new highs. The exhaust gas emitted during the driving process is the primary source of carbon dioxide pollution, and noise pollution is also one of the pollution caused by urban vehicles.
Bicycles are slow, mainly by human resources. Because the human body is limited, the driving distance is also limited, and they cannot achieve long distances. Due to its lightweight, it is easy to move in space and less affected by traffic.
Electric bikes add a motor based on the original bicycle structure. Through continuous development and innovation, the appearance of electric bikes is exquisite and generous and is loved by people in increasing numbers. Its tires are designed for various rugged terrain, have more grip than a bicycle, are safer on the road, and do not limit the number of users.
According to media reports, the world's number one vehicle in sales in today's epidemic era is an e-bike, not gasoline or an electric car.
Based on the data, about 500,000 e bicycles will be sold in 2022, while only 231,000 electric vehicles will be sold in the same period; in the light of the analysis, the increase in fuel prices is the main reason which makes people gradually consider whether to use a more convenient means of transportation. On the other hand, urban traffic congestion has always been a big problem, and excessive reliance on cars will exacerbate urban congestion. Although bicycles can better solve the travel of some people, the limitation of distance, more people will choose electric bikes. As a green and environmentally friendly way of transportation, it is safer and more controllable than crowd gathering in public transit. Labor-saving advantages, environmental protection, and flexibility are more prevalent among people. As a result, it has promoted the increase in sales of electric bicycles in the United States and ushered in a surge in the British and American markets. From 2021 to 2022, sales of e-bikes in the U.S. increased by 145%, twice as fast as regular bicycles. So far, the growth trend of electric bicycles has continued to rise, and the number of female cyclists has also increased significantly. Some developed countries advocate using electric cycles by their people and actively develop and improve bicycle-only roads.

A man and a woman riding an electric bike on the road

If you have been paying attention to electric cycles recently, you will find that Cyrusher has launched a new stepper electric bicycle; the following is the description of this car:

Step-through Electric Bike - Kommoda

  • It is also suitable for small people and people with limited mobility. The suitable height range for cyclists: 5'1"~6'2"
  • It can travel 20 miles-50 miles on a full charge, and the speed can reach 26 miles per hour
  • All types of terrain can be used

This is a step-through electric bike; its huge fat tires and premium components are ideal for female driving. Once on the shelves, it was well received by many cyclists, and sales continued to increase. It and another model can be used as a couple of models. The company has been developing and innovating, considering from the perspective of different groups of people, meeting the needs of varied groups, and making exquisite and fashionable products.

All Terrain Electric Bike-XF900

This is the car I'm so interested in. Cyrusher showed that the respective models of XF900 and kommoda are very suitable for couples to use, saying this is the top of the brand line of electric bikes with full suspension, fat tires, and a bigger battery. It offers a longer range, up to 62 miles at a speed of 28 miles per hour. It caters to the adventurous spirit of many, and its shape motorcycle frame sets it apart and makes it looks cool.
These two models are very suitable for couples to travel. The model design of kommoda is very suitable for small people. The frame of XF900 is higher, which requires the rider's height. The two look more "height difference."

About Cyrusher

The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Almost all the parts used in the bicycles sold in the United States are made in China, which is inseparable from the help of Chinese manufacturers. Currently serving more than ten countries around the world, with more than 60,000 riders, the number is increasing. It has US, UK, France, Germany, and Japan distribution centers. Designed to create amazing and fun personal mobility products for anyone, anywhere.

Cyrusher Electric Bike Features:

  • It uses fat tires that are suitable for various terrains.
  • Colored rims(Unlike the single color of other brands, its rims are rich in color and distinctive)
  • Full suspension e bicycle

Why Use Fat Tires?

The XF900 is equipped with 26" x 4" fat tires. Kommoda is configured with 20" x 4" fat tires. Compared with narrower tires, fat tires have a better grip on sandy terrain, rocky terrain, and other rougher roads and have a larger contact area with the ground, making them safer to drive. Therefore, all Cyrusher bicycle products use fat tires.
The role of the full suspension frame
It uses a spring-loaded front fork, which can be adjusted for preload according to the terrain. Riders can decide whether to open it or not in the face of diverse road driving conditions.
The rear spring suspension increases the comfort and versatility of the car, and it can leverage the force of the terrain under uneven road conditions to provide a shock-absorbing effect. The full suspension frame can absorb the impact of the car in rough road conditions.

Couple of man and woman riding electric scooter bicycle on road

Additional Bicycle Accessories

  • 3.7-inch LCD screen: To allows riders to know the speed, mileage, total mileage, battery power, etc., of the bicycle.

Lithium-ion battery powered: The battery parameters of XF900 are 48V 17AH, and the battery parameters of Kommoda are 48V 14AH. It is not only large capacity but also waterproof. Both also add a USB charging port to the battery, which can charge the rider's GPS or mobile phone, expanding the battery capacity and increasing the adventure journey.

  • Frame: 6061 aluminum alloy full suspension frame.

Crusher's Shimano 7-wheel turning system and five levels of pedal assist are available for riders to choose from, and you can switch to a larger gear when driving uphill and switch to a smaller bag when turning at high speed. With a 5-level pedal assist, you can freely adjust to a comfortable driving rhythm according to the terrain and driving conditions.

  • Bicycle Saddle: It is ergonomically designed, breathable and natural, and the LED warning light with a switch increases driving safety at night. The improved saddle features upgraded materials for greater comfort and tolerance.
  • Throttle: The half-twist throttle is used, which is safer and more controllable than the full-twist throttle.

It is worth knowing that the electric cycle of Cyrusher accessories is free, one-stop distribution, no need for customers to buy separately, saving customers time and money consumption, including fenders and racks, and come with large headlights to improve the safety of driving at night. The brand warranty period is two years, and there are local service teams all over the world. The car is 90% pre-installed before it is sent out. Customers only need to use some simple parts of the front wheel and pedals or the tools included in the package. Assemble it step by step according to the installation manual, or install it when it is delivered to the door, and 24-hour customer service online answers customer questions. Since the outbreak of the pandemic in the United States, sales of electric cycles and conventional bicycles have continued to grow. They move flexibly, are less affected by traffic, and can avoid crowds. More and more people are enjoying the convenience of electric cycles. People increasingly realize that e-bicycles are a flexible and convenient way to travel, suitable for different age groups, without restrictions. With the advent of the post-epidemic era, people have gradually realized that power bikes can replace cars or public transportation.

Of course, it is impossible for power bikes to replace fuel vehicles completely. The driving force of power bikes is still electricity, and the capacity is always limited. It is more convenient for long-distance driving or fuel vehicles. However, in the era of the epidemic, the state advises people not to gather together and not to go to some areas with a high risk of contracting the virus. If there is a mode of travel that people are more willing to choose, it is still electric bicycles. Nowadays, with the prevalence of camping culture and cycling culture, people tend to be more environmentally friendly in the choice of transportation methods. People living in the city are experiencing a busy workday, and facing the upcoming weekend, they can't help asking: "Where to go on the weekend," "fishing, biking, or camping?" The United States is vast and sparsely populated, its people are adventurous, and many unexplored places are waiting to be explored. At this time, it is fascinating to meet friends or go to some places with beautiful scenery and no human footprints. Camping culture in the United States has become very popular. People pursue to embrace nature, feel nature, and explore unknown worlds. In your free time on weekends, invite friends or family, go for a ride, go to the forest and the beach, and stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Under the new crown virus, people pay more attention to physical health and strengthen physical exercise. Cycling is an excellent way to exercise. But cycling is more physically demanding, and its range is limited. And when you pass through uphill sections or some road conditions are not ideal, you need to consume more physical strength. If you lack exercise, it will give you a terrible riding experience. For example, it is difficult to go uphill, the rough terrain will be very bumpy, and the rider's physical strength cannot keep up with the driving distance. Bicycles are rugged for some people, and fat tire electric bicycles do not need to consider these. It has successfully passed the test of severe and rough road conditions. The battery capacity of electric bicycles can also support people in outdoor adventures in the countryside. The expanded battery capacity can ride up to 62 miles, fully meeting daily commuting needs.

Why do you think e-bikes are better than cars?

  1. For daily commuting or suburban tours, it is more convenient to choose power bikes and less affected by traffic.
  2. The cost of car use is rising.
  3. Riding an ebike can exercise, lose weight and enhance physical fitness.
  4. Cycling culture is gradually popularized, accepted, and loved by more and more people.
  5. It can satisfy the outdoor adventure spirit of some people.


-- Kelly Chen