Pick your favorite! The winners of the most beautiful Cyrusher photos are here

May 23, 2022

Last month, Cyrusher launched a campaign to collect the most beautiful photos of electric bicycles on Facebook. After more than a month of collection, we have received many photos of riding life submitted by riders. According to the ranking of the number of likes, we have selected the following: 5 photos. With an equal number of votes, here are three tied for third place, all of whom captured Cyrusher's gallantry on camera. (From the comment section)


3rd place by David Lee

cyrusher xf900: a mountain bike, an all-terrain ebike

In the Cotswolds, he felt the unique tranquility of nature, captured the charming figure of the XF900 in this unique background, and indulged in the fun of mountain biking.
Prize: Cyrusher T-shirt and sticker pack

3rd place by Graham Hanson

Cyrusher xf800: a mountain ebike photod by a bikes fan  

The Cyrusher XF800 was overlooking the sea on the coast of Flanders, Yorkshire, England, and he captured different perspectives of the xf800.
Prize: Cyrusher T-shirt and sticker pack

3rd place by Adrian Fenwick

Cyrusher xf800: a mountain ebike with fat tires

He challenges speed and passion in a fast-paced city and enjoys the romantic spark created by the collision of XF800 and graffiti culture, adding new meaning to Cyrusher's brand culture. Not excited to see it?
Prize: Cyrusher T-shirt and sticker pack

2nd place by Bryan Shoup

cyrusher xf900: an all-terrain ebike with fat tires

Riding his XF900 mountain bike to Laguna Beach, California, pressing the shutter at the moment when the sun and the sea meet, looking closely, the spokes on the front wheel seem to be melted by the heat of the sun, and the tires become twisted. A scorching hot breath of summer hits the face, and it is not difficult to imagine that this is a hearty and cool ride.
Prize: Cyrusher T-shirt and sticker pack

1st place by Juan Gozalo

Cyrusher xf900: a mountain ebikes with fat tires

The winner is a cycling fan from Spain. Ride on the XF900 to find half-day leisure in La Pedriza, Manzanares el Real Madrid, in Spain, ride the wind in the mountains and seas and unlock the joy of speeding. Let this mountain bike show its majesty in gulches and canyons, and convey the gritty and tenacious quality of Cyrusher to fans through photos.
Prize: Cyrusher safety helmet, t-shirt, and sticker pack

This interactive activity for ebikes fans has been fruitful. Can't wait to ride your bicycle and take pictures? Let go of the eternal busyness for a while and let go of your desire for riding. Don't be discouraged if you don't win, please continue to pay attention to Cyrusher Bikes Owners Group and stay tuned for our next event.