Why E-bikes Have Become so Popular During the Pandemic - Part 1

Why E-bikes Have Become so Popular During the Pandemic - Part 1

Jun 01, 2021

The pandemic that swept the Earth early in 2020 and continues today has changed quite a number of things for people. Sadly, there have been many tragedies and tremendous daily struggles.

At the same time, necessary adaptations and some positive outcomes have occurred. A case in point is the absolute surge in the popularity of electric bicycles. A motorized bike is an amazing multi-purpose vehicle. As more and more people realize the benefits of owning a power bike, these machines are everywhere.

The pandemic has definitely boosted ridership and brought a boom in sales. As reported by the World Economic Forum, ebike sales in the United States have grown 145%. Moreover, Europeans are predicted to buy twice as many bikes as cars annually by 2030. 

Here’s what’s behind the increase in ebikes you’re seeing.

Attractive purchase price

The pandemic has hit a lot of the world’s population hard financially. Employers have laid off staff or shut down for time periods. Even if individuals can work from home, they still need to get around the city. So, a personal vehicle is indispensable.

It’s no wonder a large number of people look at the attractive purchase price of an e-bike and understand what a terrific option an electric bicycle is. You can buy a high-quality ebike for two or three thousand dollars. Cars cost considerably more. For example, in the United States the average cost of a new automobile in 2020, as reported by Consumer Reports, was almost $40,000.00.

When every expense needs to be justified, electric bicycles are a great choice. They’ve stayed quite affordable during the global pandemic.   

ebikes popular to commute during the pandemic

Affordable to operate

In addition to having a comparatively low purchase price, e-bikes are cheap to operate. This is another big advantage when you’re trying to control expenses. During this pandemic, many individuals have realized they need to try to budget better. There are also affordable ebike models such as the Cyrusher XF650.

Monthly costs in numerous areas have risen. The costs of operating a car with fuel, insurance, parking, and maintenance have put a lot of pressure on people. Expenses to fix car problems alone can drain a bank account.

Therefore, many are searching for transportation that’s more cost-effective to operate in the long term. With only a minimal cost to charge the battery, Ebikes are the answer. There’s very little maintenance required on an electric bike; even a battery replacement is cheap. Plus, you avoid fees for a driver’s license and parking.

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