Here’s How Cyrusher is Ahead of the 2022 Holiday Rush

Here’s How Cyrusher is Ahead of the 2022 Holiday Rush

Nov 09, 2021

Are you knee-deep in gift shopping and other preparations for the holiday season this year? Maybe you’re one of those brave souls that don’t mind leaving everything to the last minute. If you fall into the latter category you might want to take notice of the problems in the product supply chains that are in the news.

Even though there’s more than a month of shopping days left until the big event, shipping difficulties and other transportation issues are already evident. This dilemma and the resulting rush to secure purchases is more than just a prediction – it’s happening now for many product lines!

The good news is that Cyrusher customers have nothing to worry about. Here’s what we can tell you to reduce your stress about buying a Cyrusher e-bike in time for gift-giving. And, here’s what’s impacting the availability of merchandise for other companies.

Supply chain woes

There’s a certain vulnerability built into many supply chains in the global marketplace. Since people today are more and more accustomed to buying items that could be made anywhere in the world, it’s critical that products are transported in the most efficient manner to reach consumers in a reasonable time. Lengthy delivery times can turn many clients off and they’re apt to order from the competition.

The worldwide pandemic has disrupted many supply chains. Plus, this has happened for the second year in a row, to the frustration of businesses and the dismay of their clients. In particular, shipping routes have been impacted by border closures, as has land and rail transportation.

COVID outbreaks, or precautions to prevent them, have resulted in workers being sent home from shipping ports and operations slowing down. Critically, these employees are needed to load and unload ships and transport trucks. So, the impact has been quite dramatic.

There are reports of bottlenecks at some ports of entry where ships are unable to unload, shipping containers are in short supply and there aren’t enough truck drivers to fill positions. All this adds to the shipping costs.

Manufacturing challenges

Suppliers and manufacturers have been doing all they can to prepare for increased product demands that typically happen leading up to the holidays. However, the impact that the global pandemic has had on the workforce has been significant in many sectors.

Whether working in design, production, warehousing, or shipping, staff have not been able to have their usual number of hours in many cases due to shutdowns. In addition, parts required to manufacture some items have been in short supply, holding up production lines.

In some cases, companies haven’t been able to hire enough employees to meet their needs. People may be reluctant to apply for positions due to fear related to the pandemic. In addition, individuals may find that they have other more attractive employment opportunities where they can work from home. It shouldn’t be forgotten too that a number of workers have been eligible to receive supplementary income by way of government assistance.

Where they can hire sufficient staff, companies have added extra shifts and staff have been working overtime. Even so, production can’t meet demand in a number of industries.

The Cyrusher advantage

At Cyrusher, we know the value of being well-prepared to meet our customers’ needs. Part of this is creating a shorter supply chain where possible to make sure that our e-bikes are not vulnerable to as many distribution concerns.

Cyrusher has prepared well in advance so our clients can be assured that they can get what they want when they want, and certainly in time for the holiday season! Maybe you’re a seasoned cyclist, loyal to our brand of marvelous electric bicycles and you’re looking forward to gifting yourself a new one. Perhaps you’re purchasing a Cyrusher e-bike for someone else and can’t wait to see the surprise and happiness on their face when they see their present.

Either way, we’re determined that you won’t lose out this year! That’s because we currently have all our e-bike models safe and waiting in our United States warehouses for consumers in this part of the world. We’re confident that we have enough inventory to meet the needs of all our customers. This means that people can buy from us confidently and smoothly with no delay. What’s more, you’ll receive a great price with our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!