Why Car Manufacturers Look to Ebikes to Fight Climate Change?

Why Car Manufacturers Look to Ebikes to Fight Climate Change?

Sep 25, 2021

By Rick York | E-Bike Expert
20th, Sep. 2021

New kids on the block

As someone who researches Ebikes for a living, I was surprised when I first saw companies like Porsche and BMW pop up on my radar. Not only do these companies not typically produce bicycles, but they also hardly produce electric vehicles. With the EU banning combustion engines by 2035, and America soon to follow suit, the eyes of vehicle producers have turned to the endless ceiling of Ebikes to combat a changing world.

Large cities like Oslo, Madrid, and Paris are quietly becoming car-free zones. New York City appears to be headed in a similar direction. The solution for commuters, city dwellers, and tourists has become Ebikes. Over the last several years, Ebike rideshares have been all over major metro areas, but private ownership numbers are skyrocketing, and the market is ready to explode beyond what has thought possible just ten years ago.

Ebikes have primarily been used for recreation and leisure up until this point. As they are viewed more as items of utility, the climate benefits are largely unknown. They reduce congestion, combat pollution, and cancel out the environmental impact of their production. They are sustainable vehicles.

ebikes used to fight climate change

But Ebikes are on backorder

Since the Covid19 pandemic, Ebikes have become wildly popular. With supply chains struggling to meet demand, orders being delayed, and the cost of Ebikes looking to increase, now is the time for consumers to find smaller, less known Ebike brands with great customer service to help tackle demand.

Large companies like Trek, Rad PowerBikes, and Cannondale have even seen inventory delays, so now is the time for consumers to look at smaller companies to meet their needs.

The reason most folks shop with large companies is their customer service and support. The products are often similar, but that dealer and service network is hard to beat. Smaller companies have been busy trying to accommodate their customers and are finally getting to the point where they can meet the demands of an ever-growing market.

My advice to future Ebike owners

Do your research. There are countless forums and websites that focus specifically on reviewing Ebikes. You can learn everything from the mechanics, components, even pros and cons to owning each specific bike. You can even reach out to communities of people who own the very bike you’re looking at. Learn what you can about your bikes, because the companies with the largest marketing budgets are not always the best companies for you.