30 Best Bike Trails in USA

30 Best Bike Trails in USA

Aug 25, 2023

Cycling has emerged as a prime means for individuals to venture outside and engage with the natural environment. The rising popularity of e-bikes has injected fresh vitality into the sport, allowing cycling enthusiasts and individuals with physical limitations to partake in the delightful realm of two-wheeled pursuits. Within this article, we have curated a collection of 30 extraordinary cycling destinations across the United States, where one can immerse themselves in the rejuvenating influence of nature's grandeur.

1. Hockhocking Adena Bikeway

    Blog-Hockhocking trail

    Discover the charm of southeastern Ohio through the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway, a serene 20-mile biking trail that weaves its way from University City to the Rocky Boots factory. As you embark on this journey, the trail's paved asphalt initially immerses you in the town's vibrant energy, leading you through the heart of the community center and the inviting ambiance of the Ohio University campus. Transitioning from the town's hustle and bustle, the landscape transforms into a tranquil haven of lush forests. The path is lined with clusters of trees, offering soothing respites as you pedal along the shaded avenues. A distinctive feature of this trail is the glimpse into its history as a former railroad route. The tracks have given way to a visually captivating element, enriching your ride with a touch of nostalgia and uniqueness. Embarking on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway isn't just a bike ride – it's an immersion into the soul of Southeastern Ohio.

    • States:Ohio
    • Length: 22 miles
    • Best suited for: All bike types

    2. Greenbrier River Trail

    Blog-Greenbrier River Trail
    Introducing the Greenbrier River Trail, a renowned West Virginia pathway celebrated as the longest in the state, spanning an impressive 78 miles.Travelers are invited to follow the trail as it winds alongside the river, offering picturesque views of Cass Scenic Railroad State Park. On this journey southward, a series of charming towns showcase their charm, with the added allure of two captivating tunnels along the route. Convenience meets adventure, as various amenities, including local cafes, grocery outlets, and bike shops, line the trail. Quaint town bridges further enhance the experience, framing serene river panoramas and verdant woodlands – signature features of West Virginia's scenic beauty. For an expedition where history aligns with nature, the Greenbrier River Trail beckons, promising an authentic exploration of West Virginia's core.
    • States:West Virginia
    • Length: 78miles
    • Best suited for: mountain biking

    3. White Oak Mountain Trails

    Blog-White Oak mountain trail
    Discover White Oak Mount's enchanting world, nestled within Southern Adventist University's heart. For biking enthusiasts, it's a true haven boasting a multitude of trails. Every trail offers a unique biking experience, with diverse landscapes and levels of challenge ideally suited to various riding preferences. Dive into the exhilaration of cycling through lush woodlands, relishing in the ever-changing tapestry of seasons that drape the mountains. This is more than just a scenic escapade; it's a sanctuary where nature's beauty unfolds around you while you liberate your spirit and race through the trails.
    • States:Tennessee
    • Length: Different routes
    • Best suited for: mountain biking

    4. Mickelson Trail

    Blog-Mickelson Trail
    Embark on an unforgettable exploration of the Mickelson Trail, meandering through the very heart of the Black Hills. This gravel path guides you over nearly a hundred transformed railroad bridges, resurrecting a rich history of travel. Follow the trail's twists and turns as it navigates through majestic mountains, verdant forests, river crossings, and serene valleys. The trail is your gateway to immersing yourself in the captivating and unique landscapes of the Black Hills. With each step across the railroad bridges, you'll be transported back in time, a living witness to the stories they carry. Don't be surprised if you stumble upon a weathered trailside sign, offering a glimpse into the region's history.
    • States:South Dakota
    • Length: 109 miles
    • Best suited for: All bike types

    5. East Bay Bike Path

    Blog-East Bay Bike Path
    The path treats riders to awe-inspiring vistas of the ocean, immersing them in an authentic New England adventure. This trail stands as a beloved choice, weaving its way through eight parks, kickstarting at the picturesque Indian Point Park in Providence and winding down at the charming Independence Park in Bristol. Amidst these parks, lies Squantum Wood, an oasis for nature enthusiasts. Here, you can meander through pathways that have witnessed the presence of around 90 bird species. As one of the longest trails in the state, the East Bay Bike Path is an open invitation to relish the unspoiled ocean panoramas.
    • States:Rhode Island
    • Length: 14.3 miles
    • Best suited for: mountain biking

    6. Willamette River greenway trail

    Blog-Willamette River greenway trail
    Willamette River Greenway Trail is a biking path that meanders alongside the picturesque Willamette River, leading you to a captivating vantage point of downtown Portland. The trail boasts a well-maintained, smoothly paved surface that ensures an effortless ride. You'll traverse through a green oasis that nurtures diverse wildlife and indigenous flora as you journey. This enchanting pathway guides you through a tapestry of riverside panoramas and storied landmarks. It's an ideal haven for moments of peaceful solitude, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the city's delightful allure.
    • States:Oregon
    • Length: 8.5miles
    • Best suited for: All bike types

    7. Island Beach State Park

    Blog-Willamette River greenway trail
    Explore the Island State Park, sculpted by the storms and tides, unfurling across countless miles. Endless stretches of dunes and sandy shores create havens for diverse marine flora and fauna. Within the park, a rich tapestry of plant ecosystems thrives alongside what now stands as the state's largest haven for fish eagles. Marine creatures are drawn to this area by the abundance of aquatic treasures. Those who visit can completely immerse themselves in the captivating vastness of the ocean. Fishing and surfing have become an integral part of leisure time here.
    • States:New Jersey
    • Length: over 8miles
    • Best suited for: All bike types

    8. Franconia Notch State Park (non-motorized)

    Blog-Franconia Notch State Park (non-motorized)
    Franconia Notch State Park cozies up right in the heart of the White Mountain National Forest. The parkway stretches from Flume Canyon down south to the northern gem, Echo Lake. As you follow this winding road, you'll be swept through the lofty peaks of the mountains, treated to a captivating journey through towering summits, emerald forests, and serene lakes. And when autumn paints the scene, those once-green mountains turn into a masterpiece of reds and yellows – indeed a sight to behold. For a bird's-eye spectacle, hop on the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway. From way up there, the mountains sprawl out as far as the eye can see. The mountain rocks have entranced photographers, explorers, and nature lovers alike.
    • States:West Virginia
    • Length: 8.8 miles
    • Best suited for: All bike types

    9. Katy Trail

    Blog-Katy trail
    The Katy Trail winds its way through the heart of Missouri, stretching approximately 240 miles. As the longest continuous rail-trail throughout the United States, this trail offers a captivating journey that captures the essence of Missouri's diverse landscapes and history. The scenery evolves from quaint village farmlands to the vibrant bustle of town life, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of the state's heritage and unique character. Embrace the journey along this historic trail, where the past intertwines with the present. Indulge in the convenience of well-established amenities that line the path, including bike stores, coffee shops, cozy lodging, and more.
    • States:Missouri
    • Length: 239.6 miles
    • Best suited for: mountain biking

    10. Natchez Trace Parkway

    Blog-Natchez Trace Parkway
    Explore the enchanting Natchez Trace Parkway, a mesmerizing 444-mile journey that meanders through the very soul of the southern United States. Recognized by the Federal Highway Administration as one of America’s National Scenic Byway, this road tells the tale of ages past. Picture Native Americans gently guiding their wares down the currents of the Cumberland, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers to the charming town of Natchez. Follow in their footsteps and those of the pioneers and traders who followed as you traverse rolling hills, cross bridges, and witness the ever-shifting canvas of the landscape on this genuinely unique expedition.
    • States:Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN
    • Length: 444 miles
    • Best suited for: All bike types

    11. Root River State Trail

    Root river Trail
    Winding its way along the peaceful course of the Root River, the Root River State Trail stretches 42 miles, linking charming Minnesota towns such as Fountain, Lanesboro, Whalan, Peterson, Rushford, and Houston. This smooth asphalt bike path presents the perfect opportunity for cyclists to explore the beauty of the countryside as it meanders through valleys, past small dams, and even unveils the history of rock walls that were once blasted to clear space for the railroad. As you pedal along, please keep your eyes peeled for hawks, cheerful songbirds, and even the elusive wild turkeys that occasionally grace the trail with their presence. When the landscape is blanketed in snow, the trail seamlessly connects to a snowmobile trail. And if you're up for a winter adventure of a different kind, the trail provides the perfect opportunity for cross-country skiing.
    • States:Minnesota
    • Length: 42 miles
    • Best suited for: All bike types

    12. Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail(non-motorized)

    Blog-Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail
    This Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail invites you to explore the heart of Michigan, connecting parks and Glen Arbor Township for your convenience. While most of the trail boasts a smooth asphalt surface, occasional gravel stretches add a touch of adventure. Safety and accessibility are paramount, with slope signs and thoughtful features catering to all kinds of explorers. As you wander this trail, you'll uncover areas like the iconic Dune Climb and the Glen Haven Maritime Hall. From vast sand dunes to serene meadows, the journey unveils a breathtaking tapestry of natural wonders that capture the essence of Michigan's beauty.
    • States:Michigan
    • Length: 21.2 miles
    • Best suited for: All bike types

    13. Acadia National Park

    Blog-Acadia National Park
    Located along Maine's rugged coastline, Acadia National Park is a masterpiece of nature's handiwork. The park boasts breathtaking landscape features and abundant wildlife along the East Coast. Majestic granite peaks embrace the tranquil Atlantic Ocean, creating a captivating backdrop. Rolling forests filled with ancient trees, secluded lakes, and meadows adorned with wildflowers contribute to the park's picturesque natural beauty. The scenery changes with the seasons, offering a unique and captivating experience throughout the year. Here, the wonders of nature come together in perfect harmony - from the breathtaking views from the top of Cadillac Mountain, which reveals the world bathed in golden hues at sunrise, to the calm shores of Jordan Pond, which beckon you to linger in serenity.
    • States:Maine
    • Length: 125miles
    • Best suited for: mountain biking

    14. Mississippi River Trail

    Blog-Mississippi River Trail
    The Mississippi River Trail is an disconnected paved trail network that traverses the path of the Mississippi River, providing impressive vistas of the river. The trail connects with various city and regional trails and is a project developed by the state to convert former railroad tracks into a designated trail. This trail is a prominent route that highlights the historical significance and unique culture of the areas it passes through. As you travel along the trail, you will encounter picturesque rivers, recreational areas, nature preserves, and parks, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the ever-changing panoramic views of the riverbanks, charming towns, and expansive landscapes. Whether you find yourself surrounded by lush forests or vibrant cityscapes, the Mississippi River Trail seamlessly combines breathtaking beauty with cherished traditions.
    • States:Louisiana
    • Length: 60.8miles
    • Best suited for: All bike types

    15. Flint Hills Nature Trail

    Blog-Flint Hills Nature Trail
    Winding its way through Northeast Kansas, this trail covers 118 miles. It's an ideal place for cyclists, ranking among Kansas' longest railroad routes. The trail follows the path of an old, storied railroad line, adding a touch of history to your journey. The Flint Hills are one of the world's last remaining tallgrass prairie ecosystems, so this trail takes you through the richness of prairie plant and wildlife species! As you traverse this trail, you'll cross the paths of lively rivers, gaze up at towering cliffs, roll through picturesque farmlands, and find solace in the embrace of riparian woodlands. It's more than just a ride; it's a full-blown immersion into the embrace of nature.
    • States:Kansas
    • Length: 118miles
    • Best suited for: mountain biking

    16. Cardinal Greenway Trail

    Blog-Cardinal Greenway Trail
    Embark on an unforgettable journey along the Cardinal Greenway, an Indiana gem that stretches over 62 miles. Beginning its winding path in the heart of east-central Indiana, this trail ventures northwest, leading you through quaint locales like Loserville and unveiling a tapestry of ancient tales. As you traverse the southern stretch, the trail companions U.S. Highway 35, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Summit Lake State Park, a sanctuary for wildlife enthusiasts. Moreover, the Cardinal Greenway unveils its historical treasures, passing by the Underground Railroad historic site, the captivating Natural History Museum, and the hallowed grounds of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. This immersive trail offers a glimpse into Indiana's vibrant history and opens doors to its cultural legacy.
    • States:Indiana
    • Length: 62 miles
    • Best suited for: mountain biking

    17. 401 trail(non-motorized)

    Blog-401 trail(non-motorized)
    Situated in the picturesque town of Crested Butte, Colorado, the 401 Trail offers an immersive experience of the beauty of nature. This trail takes you through expansive alpine meadows, dense forests, and the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains. The path is an ideal destination for summer exploration, as it becomes impassable during winter due to the presence of high-elevation snow. To access the trail, you must reach the Schofield Pass, following a singletrack route situated at an impressive altitude of 11,000 feet. From there, you will be treated to an endless display of breathtaking scenery, with vibrant wildflowers and magnificent vistas of the mountains greeting you at every turn.
    • States:Colorado
    • Length: 13.6 miles
    • Best suited for: mountain biking

    18. Farmington Canal Heritage Trail

    Blog-Farmington Canal Heritage Trail
    This ancient waterway, once a thriving canal, now invites cyclists and adventurers to journey along its picturesque path. Winding through delightful Connecticut communities, the trail provides a mix of peaceful rural landscapes, charming towns, and glimpses into history. Pedal alongside vibrant foliage, peaceful waterways, and historic locks as the trail tells the tale of bygone eras. Whether you desire a leisurely ride or an immersive historical experience, the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail combines natural splendor and cultural legacy. The terrain undergoes continuous transformation with the changing seasons, and each season presents a unique off-road adventure for enthusiasts. This ensures that every rider who visits this place can indulge in a serene vacation.
    • States:Connecticut
    • Length: 48.3 miles
    • Best suited for: All bike types

    19. Delaware River Heritage Trail

    Blog-Delaware River Heritage Trail
    The Delaware River Heritage Trail offers a picturesque 60-mile ride along the beautiful Delaware River, highlighting the distinctive cultural and natural resources of the region. The Delaware River is not only abundant in natural resources, but it also holds great historical significance and serves as a witness to the past. The trail links together 24 communities, creating an extensive network that allows you to experience a blend of historic sites and local culture. By combining the timeless allure of historical sites with the tranquil beauty of nature, the Delaware River Heritage Trail offers a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable journey for anyone seeking to discover it.
    • States:New Jersey
    • Length: over 40 miles
    • Best suited for: All bike types

    20. Longleaf Trace

    Blog-Longleaf Trace
    The captivating Longleaf Trace is a picturesque rail trail that meanders through the breathtaking Mississippi terrain. This 44-mile path is filled with pathways for walking, horseback riding, and bicycling, and it spans five communities to offer an enjoyable journey. There are eight conveniently placed rest stops along the route where riders can take quick breaks. As you travel, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the quintessential southern landscapes, including pine forests, wetlands, lakes, and other natural wonders. Exploring the Longleaf Trail will provide you with a fresh perspective on the magnificence of Mississippi, and every pedal you take will lead to a new adventure.
    • States:South Mississippi
    • Length: 44 miles
    • Best suited for: All bike types

    21. Des Plaines River Trail

    Blog-Des Plaines River Trail
    The Des Plaines Trail is a 56-mile-long path that runs alongside the tranquil Des Plaines River, offering a natural haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The trail encompasses expansive areas of watershed habitat and woodlands, creating a picturesque landscape for recreational riders. It is worth noting that the trail is not solely comprised of paved sidewalks but also features gravel sections and single-track forest trails. Cyclists should be prepared for variations in the terrain and can take advantage of the opportunity to showcase their riding abilities. The surrounding ecosystem is carefully maintained and serves as a habitat for numerous indigenous animals, including deer, birds, snakes, and turtles. Embarking on a ride along this trail offers a serene escape from the chaotic pace of city life.
    • States:Illinois
    • Length: 56 miles
    • Best suited for: mountain biking

    22. Maah Daah Hey Trail(Non-Motorized)

    Blog-Maah Daah Hey Trail
    The Maah Daah Hey Trail is an impressive 144-mile trail in North Dakota that is exclusively for non-motorized vehicles. This singletrack trail takes you through the captivating wilderness, showcasing the area's rugged beauty. It is widely recognized as one of the premier mountain biking trails in the United States. While traversing the trail, you will encounter extensive stretches of untouched wilderness and picturesque prairie landscapes, demanding some biking expertise. The journey commences at the U.S. Forest Service Burning Coal Vein Campground, guiding you through rolling hills and meadows, providing a truly immersive experience for hikers, bikers, and nature enthusiasts alike. Additionally, the trail offers various fenced campsites equipped with camping gear, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable camping experience for enthusiasts.
    • States:North Dakota
    • Length: 144 miles
    • Best suited for: mountain biking

    23. Mesabi Bike Trail

    Blog-Mesabi Bike Trail
    The Mesabi Trail is a picturesque pathway that winds its way through the stunning Iron Range region of northern Minnesota. Stretching across more than 130 miles, this trail is a haven for cyclists, providing a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of the land. Along the way, you may encounter various wildlife, including deer, raccoons, beavers, and eagles. This area was once a thriving mining hub, making it a valuable historical resource for mining enthusiasts. The trail winds through town streets, weaving a connection with local life, and features popular tourist attractions like the Hilencos Mine State Park and the Forest History Center. These destinations offer riders a glimpse into the area's history and captivating scenery.
    • States: Minnesota
    • Length: 130 miles
    • Best suited for: All bike types

    24. The Arizona Trail(Non-motorized)

    Blog-the Arizona Trail
    Embark on an extraordinary journey through the breathtaking landscape of Arizona along the renowned Arizona Trail. This incredible 800-mile trail takes you through deserts, forests, canyons, and plateaus, allowing you to witness the unparalleled natural beauty of Arizona. Along the way, you'll also come across unique historical and cultural sites, providing a glimpse into the region's people and their heritage. The route takes you from one mountain range to another, taking you through the Sonoran Desert, the Sierra River, the Superstition Mountains, and the Mazatzal Wilderness before finally reaching the edge of the Mogollon Rim and the majestic San Francisco Peaks. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or a cyclist, each mile of this trail promises a fresh and exhilarating experience, with awe-inspiring transformations of natural beauty at every turn.
    • States:Arizona
    • Length: 800 miles
    • Best suited for: mountain biking

    25. Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center(Ebike not allowed)

    Blog-Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center(Ebike not allowed)
    Located in the heart of the picturesque White Mountains in New Hampshire, the center serves as a gateway to various recreational activities all year round. With 45 kilometers of cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and the old-fashioned tubing hill, the Grand Gorge provides an excellent setting for winter recreation. Its trails, beautifully lined with spruce and fir forests, offer stunning views of the Great Gulf Wilderness and the peaks of the Northern Presidentials during the winter season. Whether you enjoy thrilling cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter or exhilarating mountain biking and hiking in summer, the Grand Canyon Trail has something for every outdoor enthusiast. Its winding trails lead to breathtaking viewpoints and peaceful clearings, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of the surrounding landscape.
    • States:New Hampshire
    • Best suited for: All bike types

    26. Slickrock Bike Trail

    Blog-Slickrock Bike Trail
    Immerse yourself in the excitement of cycling on the renowned Slickrock Bike Trail. Situated in the awe-inspiring red rock scenery of Moab, this trail offers a unique and breathtaking adventure. With about 95 percent of the trail consisting of exposed smooth rock, the sandy sandstone provides an exceptional surface for your ride as you navigate the undulating terrain of the iconic Slickrock Dome. The steep rocks offer an exhilarating mountain biking experience. Still, if you plan to ride during the summer months, it's essential to choose your timing wisely as the exposed conditions can become very hot. As you pedal through a landscape that resembles another world, you will be captivated by the vibrant red hues and panoramic vistas of the surrounding canyons.
    • States:Utah
    • Length: 12 miles
    • Best suited for: mountain biking

    27. Wedge OverlookTrail

    Blog-Wedge OverlookTrail
    The Wedge Overlook is an iconic vantage point in Utah that offers breathtaking views of the canyons. It is renowned for its challenging mountain biking trails, which provide a thrilling adventure for enthusiasts. Beginning in a desert setting, this route offers a distinctive perspective of the wilderness landscape. The rugged and diverse rock formations on display showcase the stunning artwork of nature. As you ascend to the Wedge Overlook lookout, you will be rewarded with awe-inspiring vistas of Utah's expansive canyons, both large and small. This trail offers the perfect combination of exhilarating views and exciting exploration.
    • States:Utah
    • Length: 12miles
    • Best suited for: mountain biking

    28. Going to the sun road (Glacier National Park)

    Blog-Going to the sun road
    The Going-to-the-Sun Road is a 56-mile route that winds through Glacier National Park, showcasing impressive glacial lakes, majestic cedar forests, and pristine alpine tundra. While the lower sections of the road remain open all year, the opening times for the alpine portion vary annually. Glacier National Park is a pristine wilderness that provides a habitat for a diverse range of wildlife species. As you ascend from the tranquil valleys, you can expect to encounter mountain goats and grizzly bears. The Jackson Glacier Overlook, situated on the eastern side of the road between Logan Pass and St. Mary, offers a panoramic view of the glacier. This picturesque route allows you to fully appreciate the breathtaking landscape and marvel at the wonders of nature.
    • States:Montana
    • Length: 56 miles
    • Best suited for: All bike types

    29. Beartooth National Scenic Highway

    Blog-Beartooth National Scenic Highway
    The Beartooth Highway is a picturesque 68-mile journey that meanders through the scenic landscapes of southwestern Montana and northwestern Wyoming. This route takes travelers through dense lodgepole pine forests and up to the alpine tundra, where they can be treated to awe-inspiring Absaroka and Beartooth mountain ranges vistas. Along the way, there are also expansive alpine plateaus adorned with numerous glacial lakes, lush valleys, cascading waterfalls, and abundant wildlife. During June and July, the tundra is adorned with vibrant wildflowers, creating a captivating sight for visitors. The twisting roads, framed by majestic mountain ranges and serene alpine lakes, make this trip an unparalleled experience.
    • States:Montana
    • Length: 68 miles
    • Best suited for: All bike types

    30. Cherohala Skyway

    Blog-Cherohala Skyway
    The Cherohala Skyway, which was opened and dedicated in 1996, holds the distinction of being a National Scenic Byway. Recognized by the Discovery Channel as one of the top 10 motorcycle rides in North America, this route traverses the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee and the Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina. As you journey along this scenic road, you will be treated to awe-inspiring views of the majestic mountains surrounding you, making it one of the most picturesque routes in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Riding along this road allows you to fully immerse yourself in the unspoiled beauty of nature, with dense forests and expansive lakes within reach!
    • States:Tennessee
    • Length: 43 miles
    • Best suited for: All bike types
      Whether it's the beauty of nature or the cultural, historic site, each trail offers unique attractions. Select one to explore during your leisure time, allowing you to unwind both physically and mentally. 
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