Cyrusher Ripple

Electric Snowboard

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The height of the motor can be adjusted according to the weight of the rider and the thickness of the snow.

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Ripple - Electric Snowboard

Ripple - Electric Snowboard

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  • Snowboard Boots
  • Backpack
  • Snowboard Bag


  • Ripple Electric Snowboard
  • Remote
  • Battery
  • Tool Set
  • Bindings(optional)
  • Extra Battery(optional)


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  • Snowboard Deck Size:156cm (Suitable for riders from 160-190cm.)
  • Snowboard Type: Camber
  • Snowboard Deck Craft: Composite material, wood core + fiberglass + carbon edge
  • Motor Power:3000W
  • Battery Capacity:12.6Ah(Molicel 21700 P42A 4200mAh 45A Battery Cell, 12S3P)
  • Maximum Speed:50km/h
  • Maximum range:15-20km
  • Maximum Load:250Ibs
  • Weight: 15kg

Cyrusher Ripple
Electric Snowboard

The Pinnacle of Snowboarding Innovation

Embark on a thrilling snow adventure with the Ripple, the world's first electric snowboard. Featuring a powerful 3000W motor, advanced V1 controller, expertly engineered suspension, and a customized professional snowboard design, the Ripple delivers high-speed excitement, precision control, and unmatched performance on the snow-covered slopes. Get ready to experience the future of snowboarding with Ripple!

156CM Deck Size

Suitable for riders from 160-190cm.


Max Range


max. Slope


Hub Motor


Max Speed


Molicel 21700 P42A 12S3P

  • 50km/h

    Max Speed

  • 15-20km

    Max Range

  • 12.6Ah

    Molicel 21700 P42A 12S3P

Ripple Electric Snowboard

Snowboard the Fast Lane

Revolutionize your snowboarding experience with the Ripple's high-speed 3000W motor, propelling you at an impressive 50km/h. Conquer snow-covered trails with unmatched power and speed.

Precision Handling, Unrivaled Control

Navigate snow-covered landscapes with confidence using the Ripple's cutting-edge V1 controller. Featuring high-voltage-tolerant MOSFETs and advanced heat dissipation, it delivers precise control and responsiveness for the ultimate snowboarding adventure.

Rugged and Waterproof for Any Expedition

Take on the elements fearlessly with the Ripple's full metal enclosure, flame-retardant design, and IPX6 waterproof rating. This electric snowboard is engineered for durability, ensuring an exhilarating and worry-free ride in diverse weather conditions.

Key Feature

3000W Powerful Hub Motor

High-Performance Molicel P42A 21700 Cell With Low-Temperature Resistance

Patented Adjustable Independent Suspension Shock System

Built with Top-Tier Components

built for Fun, built to last, built to ride all day

specifically designed to get people in the game.

All-Terrain Traction

Crafted with tires designed specifically for electric snowboards, our electric snowboard ensures maximum traction on diverse snow surfaces. The innovative tire design provides stability and control, allowing riders to conquer various terrains effortlessly.

Remote Control

There are 3 speed levels for Cyrusher electric snowboard and
controlled by the remote.Low mode: O~20KM/H, Drive model: 0~35KM/H, Sport mode: 0~50KM/H

Adjustable Independent Suspension

Experience a ride like never before with our patented adjustable independent suspension system. Tailor your boarding experience to perfection, absorbing shocks and adapting to the contours of the snow for an unparalleled adventure.

The motor's height can be adjusted according to the rider's weight and the snow's thickness.

Premium Hub Motor

Powered by a robust 3000W hub motor, our electric snowboard ensures maximum efficiency and performance. Glide effortlessly through snow-covered landscapes with the force of cutting-edge technology.

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Why is the battery of the electric snowboard placed in a backpack rather than on the surface of the snowboard?

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