Share your wonderful works and earn generous prizes


What's the Cyrusher Awards?

Calling all riders with a spark of creativity! Ever thought about turning your electric ride into a masterpiece of innovation? Now's your chance! We're thrilled to announce the launch of the Cyrusher Award Campaign, an opportunity for you to showcase your creativity, inspire others, and set new trends in the electric challenge movement.


How to Participate?

Remember, originality and creativity are key!

Take & Create

Take and create amazing photos or videos


Submit Your Work

Upload your work Or Submit a link to share on social media platforms


Winning Award

You will receive generous rewards if you are selected

Every moment deserves a reward

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Silver Award.png
Gold Award.png
Points Reward (Only once per theme event)
Earn 200 points for creating and sharing your content using the forums or on social media (Youtube / Instagram / TikTok etc.) with the hashtag #CyrusherAward.


Need inspiration? Check out our case demonstrations featuring skillful riding and creative play.
This event's theme is 'Agriculture', so let those farm-themed ideas flow!


Q: How do I submit my entry?
A: You can either upload your content to Google Drive or YouTube and share the link with us, or directly upload your video material here.
Q: What criteria should my content meet?
A: Your content should align with the event theme and include Cyrusher electric bikes. We appreciate high-resolution, high-quality, and original submissions.
Q: What is the theme for this event?
A: The current theme for this event is 'Agriculture'. Feel free to interpret this in your own unique and creative way!
Q: When will my submission be reviewed?
A: We review submissions within two business days. Winners will be notified via the provided email.
Q: What are the prizes for this event?
A: The Gold Award is $2000 cash, the Silver Award is $150 cash, and the Bronze Award is a $100 store voucher. You can also earn points for creating and sharing your content on the forum.
Q: How can I claim my award?
A: Cyrusher will contact winners to confirm the redemption process. Note that cash prizes exclude taxes, duties, levies, and other government charges. If your prize is a store coupon, remember it's for one-time use, not redeemable for cash, non-transferable, and can't be combined with other discounts.

Event Participation Precautions and Copyright Instructions

  1. Use of Cyrusher Products: All entries must prominently feature Cyrusher products. The use of these products should be clear and evident in your work.
  2. Creativity: We encourage you to let your imagination run wild. Your unique interpretation and creative approach to your work will be a significant factor in the evaluation process.
  3. Multiple Submissions: Feel free to submit different works for different themes. As long as your content is innovative and engaging, you stand a chance to win!
  4. Originality: Please ensure that your work is 100% original. This includes all aspects of your submission, from music and images to the core concept. Infringing works will not only be disqualified but may also face legal consequences.
  5. Safety First: While we love seeing your creativity, your safety is paramount. Please refrain from performing dangerous stunts or actions that could potentially harm you or others.
  6. Content Restrictions: Your entries must not contain any content that is pornographic, violent, or in violation of local laws.
  7. Copyright and Licensing: When you submit your work, you allow Cyrusher to freely use, modify, and display it globally for any purpose on their platform.
  8. Winner Notification: Winners will be informed via email within 10 business days of the announcement. Please ensure your email address is valid.
  9. Discount Coupon: Winning discount coupons are only valid for purchases at Cyrusher's official website. For more information on how to use these coupons, please consult with the store's customer service.
For any questions or concerns regarding the campaign, feel free to reach out to us via email at
So, are you ready to take on the challenge? Let's revolutionize the way we ride. Join the Cyrusher Award Campaign today and let your creativity shine! We can't wait to see what you come up with.