Always look for these three things when choosing an Ebike

Always look for these three things when choosing an Ebike

Sep 14, 2021

By Rick York | E-Bike Expert
14th, Sep.2021

I can hear the exasperated voices now, “the options are endless!” It’s true, there are thousands of Ebike options out there, but I’m here to help break down how to navigate them.

People often ask me what I look for when choosing an Ebike. Do I look for a particular classification of bike? What size motor is the best? Should I get the most range possible? Do I want the fastest bike I can get?

I tell people the truth: the right Ebike for me is not always the right Ebike for you. But there are three things I always look for when finding my next ride: ebikes quality, ebike warranty, ebike support, important when buying an electric bike

ebikes quality, ebike warranty, ebike support, important when buying an electric bike

1. Warranty

If the Ebike you’ve been admiring for some time doesn’t come with a warranty, I’m sorry to say but run away! It amazes me how often I find Ebike companies offering virtually no warranty for their products. Those companies will sell inexpensive Ebikes without warranties, and then over time, those same bikes become money pits. A ton of money must be spent on the drivetrain, or the frame is cracked, and soon it becomes apparent that the wrong choice was made.

Don’t get me wrong, maintenance is part of owning a bike. It’s necessary and it keeps the bike going for a long time. But too many times I find people shelling out big money on a bike that simply didn’t afford them a warranty.

Always look for a multiple-year warranty and always read the fine print. If an offer seems too good to be true – it is!

2. Honest Reviews

Reviews are so important. They let you see what the experience of riding an Ebike will be without the commitment of purchasing. Now, there are different types of reviews. Some are essentially paid advertisements and won’t give much information beyond the company’s talking points. These seem easy to spot, but if you’re having trouble, look out for reviews without many cons. Every bike will have pros and cons; there’s no one perfect bike for all. And that’s okay. It all comes down to the individual rider determining which factors are important enough to consider.

Other review platforms, ones like Electric Bike Review, Electrek, Electric Bike Report, etc, are great for finding unbiased and authentic information. These types of review sites are considered credible sources. They will have listed pros and cons, a breakdown of each component, and be upfront about any paid promotions.

I also recommend visiting various Ebike forums on websites and searching for posts about your bike of interest. Forums are full of Ebike enthusiasts, and their information is readily available and always honest. If you’re torn between two bikes, ask the communities for a comparison of the bikes. You’ll get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

3. Customer Support

From my experience, quality customer service is the most overlooked component of any Ebike company, and yet it’s the most important. Some companies don’t have customer support teams at all. In this case, take my earlier advice about missing warranties – run away! Otherwise, utilize those support teams. They are there to make sure that your riding experience is enjoyable.

One common misconception I find from riders is the idea that only large Ebike companies will have quality customer support. Companies like Trek, Giant, and Rad PowerBikes should have quality customer service. They’re huge! But that doesn’t mean smaller companies and start-ups don’t have quality service as well. Do your research, investigate it, and never be afraid to ask questions.

Something I always try to instill in anyone who asks me about bikes is this: the wrong companies will want to make a sale; the right companies will want to earn your business. Shop with the right companies.