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12 battery tips for electric bikes – part 2

Jun 08, 2022

7. Do not discharge with a large current

The operation during riding is also closely related to the function of the battery. When you are starting, carrying people, or going uphill, it is best to use pedals to assist and try to avoid instantaneous high-current discharge, which can easily damage the physical properties of the battery plates. This is also the same as your original intention of buying an e-bike, isn't it, we are not satisfied with pure electric riding, we want more exercise.

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8. Prevent high-temperature exposure

The ideal charging environment for electric bicycles is an indoor room at room temperature because an environment with excessively high temperatures will cause fatal damage such as heating of the casing, bulging, and deformation of the casing during charging. If you travel in the afternoon in summer, you have to charge halfway because your battery can no longer last perfectly, then we recommend that you install temperature control, alarm at 45 degrees, and cut off the power directly at 50 degrees. Lithium battery explosions are thermal runaways, and temperature control can prevent such problems in time.

9. Winter storage 

In winter, the cold air in the northern hemisphere strikes, and the rain and snow weather is not a good time to travel. Many riding partners choose to suspend riding, and the bike will be idle for some time. We recommend that you store the battery in a dry place at room temperature. Exposing the battery to low temperatures reduces battery efficiency. And, To continue to maintain the monthly energy supply, remember to warm the battery for two hours before charging, the battery can not withstand the cold like humans.

10. Winter use

If you're up for a challenge, riding in the snow is also an amazing experience. For cold-weather riding, we recommend that you purchase a thermal cover for the battery to protect the battery from potential freezing.

11. Cleaning and maintenance

We recommend cleaning the battery with a damp cloth. The battery should be removed before cleaning the electric bicycle. To protect the electronic components, do not clean the battery in direct contact with water, even if the product manual says it is waterproof.

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12. Remove battery before washing

If the battery is removable, remove it before washing the bike to avoid possible damage due to water. Most batteries are IP65 water-resistant, which is not the same as being waterproof. IP65 standard means, the battery is water-resistant to splashes or light rain and for a short period. IP65 will not stand water for a longer time of exposure such as the strong current of a water hose or heavy rain for hours, and sure, the battery surviving a drop underwater is unlikely.

The above is the battery usage guide we have compiled for you, wish it will help you.

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