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Rides in Holiday: $300 Off. Shop Now!
Rides in Holiday: $300 Off. Shop Now!

Crafuel Alto 1200

Portable Power Station
Save $300 Save $300
Original price $1,500
Original price $1,500 - Original price $1,500
Original price $1,500
Current price $1,200 USD
$1,200 - $1,200
Current price $1,200 USD

Prolonged Lifespan  Instead of 2 years, Alto 1200 portable power station has >6 years of service life. It also provides an exclusive 2-year whole device warranty for a guaranteed, worrying-free use experience.

Power For Multi-Devices With Crafuel Alto 1200, multiple devices can be powered up in safety simultaneously. You can continue to power your mini fridge, laptops, smartphones and more.

15 Ports For All  The Alto 1200 power station has all the ports you need to charge your devices and appliances. It is equipped with 6 * AC ports, 4 * USB-A ports, 2 * USB-C ports, 3 * DC ports. With a fast-charging 100W Type-C port, get rid of bulky adapters and charge your equipment at fast speeds via a single cable.


Crafuel Alto 1200 Portable Power Station

For the most demanding jobs

The Crafuel Alto 2000 can power all devices from smartphones to air conditioners for a long time. At home, outdoors, or at work, you can trust the Alto 2000 to keep you powered no matter what.

Power Everything

Power Everything

The Alto 1200 with its 1200W output can power energy-hungry devices such as hair dryers, welding equipment, or even an electric car.

Wherever you need it

Wherever you need it

Despite its power and size, Alto 1200 is easy to transport. Take it with you wherever you need it.

Any device

With a total of 9 outlets of various types, the Alto 1200 can charge just about any device you need.

Capacity 1200Wh
Output Power 1200W

Power All Loads For The Road

12 output ports are sure to meet your needs for charging different devices simultaneously. A 15-watt wireless charging pad at the top greatly facilitates the charging of cellphone. From mini-refrigerators to LED lights, it is a great storage option for camping and emergency use.

Plug into the wall

Use the AC charging cable we provided to charge the device. It takes 1.8 to 2.5 hours to full capacity. When the LCD shows that the battery power is 100% it means that the battery is will be fully charged and the input power will turn off after several minutes.

Solar Panel Charging

Place as many solar panels in direct sunlight as possible. Support 12-75V, 60W/80W/100W/120W/150W/600W solar panel charging, the charging time is determined by the sunlight intensity. The total open circuit voltage of solar modules after series-parallel connection should not exceed 75V!

12V Car Charger

Use the car charger we provided to charge. It takes 32 to 34 hours to fully charge. When the LCD shows that the battery power is 100%, it means that the battery is fully charged. Caution: Do not charge the product with solar PV input and carport at the same time!

Ways Crafuel can be used

Home backup

As a backup at home in case of power failure or emergencies.


To power your devices while you are off the grid.


To do your job where electrical connection is not available.

What's In The Box

Alto Power Station / MC4 to Anderson cable / AC charging cable / Car charger to Anderson cable / User manual

Models Comparison

Alto 600

Life Cycles: 500+ Cycle
Output: 600W
AC Input: 268W Max
Solar Input: 200W

Alto 1000

Life Cycles: 600+ Cycle
Output: 1000W (Surge 1200W)
AC Input: 100-120V
Solar Input: 400W 10-65V DC 10A max

Alto 2000

Life Cycles: 1000+ Cycle
Output: 2000W
AC Input: 1200W Max
Solar Input: 600W Max



Net Weight

*60 lbs (27kg)


*574mm x 369mm x 259mm

Charge Temperature

32-104°F (0-40°F)

Discharge Temperature

14-104°F (-10-40°C )


Black And Orange


24 months

Charge Method

AC Wall Outlet, 12V Car Adaptor, Solar Panel

Full Recharge Time

AC Adapter: 7.5 Hours

12V Car Adaptor: 7.5 Hours / 100W Solar Panel: 9.5 Hours



Cell Chemistry

Lithium-ion battery

Cycle Life

1000 Cycles to 60%+ capacity

Management Systems

BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection

AC Adapter

AC 100-240V(50Hz/60Hz)

Recharging Input Voltage


Solar Charge Input

600W 12-75V DC 

Car Charger

DC 12V, 100W max

AC Output Voltage


Wireless Charger


USB Output

QC3.0/18W Max

Output Type-C


Cigarette Lighter Socket Output


DC5525 Output


*Please Note: The above weight, size, etc. have certain measurement errors. Please refer to the actual measurement.


You need to check the power at each output port. For example, the power at AC output port is provided by the built-in inverter of the product, whose maximum continuous output power is 1000W. This means that it is only suitable for electronic device whose required power is no more than 1000W.
It is not permitted to take the product to the plane. Because the product is a built-in lithium battery, and in the light of the International Air Transport Standard Regulation, the power of the battery products can not be exceeded 100wh.
Working time = 519wh * 0.85 / operating power of your device.
Yes, you can keep the battery plugged in the charge. Keeping it plugged in won't cause damage to the battery.
It is acceptable that chargers get heat while charging. As long as chargers meet the safety standard, then the battery function could be ensured.
We support a variety of application scenarios such as home emergencies, outdoor camping, professional homework, etc. It can power mobile phones, computers, drones, cameras, onboard refrigerators, speakers, electric drills, chainsaws, electric vehicles, and other different types of equipment with different power interfaces. There are a lot of application scenarios that can meet your different electricity needs.