Top 5 Cycling Destinations

Cycling is a rewarding sport no matter where you ride, but there are a number of destinations that are breathtaking to travel. Whether the goal is to enjoy a group ride, pedal leisurely on vacation, or tackle a challenging path, certain cycling destinations make the top of the list for good reason. From budget-friendly sites to those with spectacular views and high levels of difficulty, there are cycling destinations for everyone. Certain destinations require that cyclists bring along the right bike and appropriate clothing and gear.

Bend, Oregon

This scenic town is a prime destination for mountain biking, with plenty of options for beginners and more experienced cyclists. The town itself sits among the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and the high desert, offering not only varied terrain for cyclists of different levels but also an agreeable climate and generally mild temperatures throughout the year. Another highlight is the over 480 miles of singletrack (narrow mountain biking trails) within an hour's drive of Bend.

French Pyrenees

Cyclists who enjoy challenging climbs and fast descents, both of which are abundant in this famous mountain range, can appreciate what this cycling destination has to offer. Those who follow the Tour de France, which passes through the Pyrenees, can imagine the famed riders who have already conquered the mountains before them. For a challenging destination like this one, cyclists should be prepared to deal with changing temperatures and weather conditions by wearing appropriate cycling clothing.

What to Wear in the Pyrenees

Cycling-specific jackets keep the wind and chill away from the body, promoting warmth and comfort. For added benefit, consider a water-resistant or waterproof cycling jacket. Jerseys come in short-sleeve and long-sleeve options. For days with variable temperatures, cyclists may opt for a long-sleeve jersey with a short-sleeve one underneath. Some jerseys come in bright colors and distinct designs to help cyclists stand out from the rest of the group.

Sacramento, California

Bike-friendly roads, pleasant temperatures, and a healthy attitude towards cycling in general make Sacramento a prime destination for cyclists of all levels. One of the most prominent features of this destination is the American River Parkway bike trail, which offers 32 miles of exploration. Aside from an abundance of bike lanes on main roads, there are bike zones marked with green paint that make it easier for cyclists to get around safely.

Cape Breton Island, Canada

Cape Breton Island in Canada offers varied terrain, making it appealing to cyclists of various fitness levels, but this destination earns a name for itself because of its splendid natural beauty. Along the way, cyclists get to see a combination of scenic rocky coastlines, the Bras d'Or inland sea, and the sky-high ridges of the Cape Breton Highlands.

What to Bring to Cape Breton Island

It's a good idea to pack a camera and a pair of binoculars when traveling through Cape Breton Island's quaint fishing villages. Catching a glimpse of the local wildlife, including moose, beavers, and deer, is part of the experience.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga is a prime destination for city cyclists. This up-and-coming cycling hotspot includes the Bike Chattanooga Bicycle Transit System, which has 30 touchscreen kiosk stations scattered throughout the city. Cyclists who don't want to bring their own bikes can easily rent bikes in Chattanooga. The 10-mile multi-purpose trail is suitable for a variety of bikes, including road, hybrid, cruiser, and even mountain bikes.

How to Buy Cycling Gear on eBay

Whether it's just for one day or for several days, having the right cycling gear and accessories are key to enjoying a ride at a particular destination. For example, rainy climates require weatherproof cycling gear, while hotter climates demand a water carrying system. When searching on eBay for supplies, start by performing a keyword search in the search bar on each page, such as "cycling camera" or "cycling water bottle." From there, narrow the choices by adding specific words, such as "women's carbon road bike" or "hybrid bike tires."


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