How to Buy Cycling Gear

Cycling gear signifies clothing specifically designed with the cyclist in mind. Although this may bring to mind images of road cyclists, there is ample cycling gear for other types of riders as well, from mountain biking gear to casual cycling gear. As with most sport-specific gear, cycling gear and clothing suits the needs of cyclists in various ways. From socks to tops and accessories, there is plenty of cycling gear on the market. Consumers can find cycling gear through bike shops and sporting goods stores or online sources such as eBay.

Choosing Clothing

When it comes to cycling, tops, jackets, and jerseys top the list as some of the most important items for a rider. Each top has a unique function or feature, whether it's to keep the body warm with long sleeves in cooler temperatures or to provide enough coverage while allowing for moisture wicking with material suitable for a ride during balmy summer days. Then there are cycling shorts, which often have padding and stretch bands for comfort and support. Knowing more about the various cycling clothing options helps consumers make informed purchasing decisions.


Shorts designed for cycling typically feature padding, which cushions the rider along the route. In general, longer rides often require a bit more padding than shorter rides. When looking for cycling shorts, riders should be aware of certain features available, including panel construction for adequate ventilation and a padded liner, which may be thin or a bit thicker. Cyclists who enjoy longer rides appreciate shorts with longer legs and grips, which help prevent chafing and keep shorts in place.


Cycling shirts, often referred to as jerseys, come in a wide range of styles and types. Some of the most common include short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops. A cycling jersey may come in plain colors, from white to blue to red, or it can feature a design or symbol. Some examples include Coca-Cola, Olympic-themed jerseys, and jerseys with floral or patterned designs.


Bike-specific jackets frequently sport lightweight, moisture-wicking material. Riders may find lightweight jackets that act as an extra layer during cooler temperatures along with jackets for certain weather conditions, such as rainy days or very windy days. Many jackets feature highly visible strips or bits of material to keep riders safe on the roads or trails.

Buying Footwear

Cycling shoes meet specific demands of the different types of bike riding. For example, consumers find mountain biking shoes along with shoes specifically for road biking as well as more casual riding. There are other options as well, including triathlon shoes, which allow the athlete to transition from the bike to the run without changing shoes.

Road Bike Shoes

Many road bike shoes clip into the pedals of the road bike, enabling faster turnover and better control vs. other pedal options, such as a platform. Road bike shoes generally have lightweight material with ample breathability to keep the temperature inside regulated. For chillier conditions, riders may opt for booties, or covers that go over the shoes.

Mountain Bike Shoes

As with road bike shoes, mountain bike shoes also typically clip into the bike's pedals. However, these shoes are often a bit sturdier and slightly easier to remove from the clips than their road bike counterparts. In some instances, mountain bike shoes have soles that are durable enough for walking short distances when the need arises.

Casual Bike Shoes

Hybrid bike riders find casual bike shoes to be particularly useful. These riding shoes often resemble a pair of sandals, but serve a different purpose. The soles enable walking when needed, but the soles also match smoothly with clipless pedals, making these shoes useful for mountain biking and even road biking as well.

Deciding on a Helmet

Helmets are an important safety feature for any type of riding. The market has various helmets to offer, including aerodynamic ones for riders who crave speed, along with budget-friendly helmets and ones specifically designed for mountain biking. Some helmets come with visors in front to protect riders from the elements.

How to Buy Cycling Gear on eBay

Cyclists have a wide range of gear to choose from, including jerseys, jackets, and padded shorts. Then there is additional necessary gear, including helmets and biking shoes. All of these items are easily found from reliable sellers on eBay. When searching for the most useful marathon training gear and accessories, start by typing general search terms, such as "cycling gear" in the search bar located on any site page. From there, then narrow down the possible choices by using specific phrases, including "cycling jersey" and "cycling shorts."


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