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Important Tips:

  1. Please keep your oringal packing box for any ebike or bike at least 30 days after delivery for any potential return, othewise, you may be charged $50-90 for re-sending you new packing box(s) from us.
  2. Please note that information regarding the expected range on a single charge on one of our ebikes is an estimate, not a guarantee. There are many factors that contribute to actual, real-world range for an ebike battery such as age of the battery, temperature, level of assist, speed, payload, and terrain. Given the right conditions, it is possible to get less than the expected minimum range or greater than the expected maximum range.


Returns Policy:


1) Ebikes/Bikes orders:


2) Gears/Replacements/Parts orders:


3) Used items:


4) Non-returnable items:


5) Damaged Items:

If the Product arrived damaged,please send any pictures or videos to immediately(Any delay Damaged Products Report over 3 days after delivery may increase the rejection rate from carriers). Once it is comfirmed by Cyrusher Sports Team, Cyrusher Sports will accept returns for a full refund only in accordance with the Return Procedures below.Your sole and exclusive remedy is that (a) we will issue a refund to your credit card or PayPal account in the amount charged for the Damaged Product (if your credit card or PayPal account has already been charged for the Product) or (b) we will not charge your credit card or PayPal account for the Damaged Product. 


Return Procedures:

All returns must be made within 30 days after the Product Delivery Date.

1) Before a return is sent, the customer must have Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from Cyrusher Sports. If a customer sends a return without the written consent of Cyrusher Sports a refund will not be issued and the customer will have to pay shipping to get the item returned, or, sacrifice the item.

2) If your return has been approved by us, please contact us at  to get return shipping address accordingly. 

3) The purchaser carries full responsibility for the return shipment including possible shipping damages and lost shipments.

4) Any refund process,please refer to our Payment Policy.



Please see our Warranty Policy