Lost Package

Thursday, April 22, 2021

In the exceptional event of a package is lost by the delivery company, Cyrusher will open an investigation before arranging any replacement.

What the customer needs to do

  1. Notify the package lost to Cyrusher before 3 days of receiving the delivery notice but not getting the item
  2. Collect all documents/photos that can prove the item was lost. For example, a photo of the signed receipt sent by the delivery company showing the wrong name.
  3. Contact the delivery company and try to get additional information like any address where the package was supposedly delivered to, info about the driver, etc.
  4. Send them to Cyrusher (contact support)
  5. File a police report if instructed

What Cyrusher will do

  1. After receiving the above information from the customer, Cyrusher will evaluate if the lost case report is valid.
  2. If the report is valid, Cyrusher will contact the delivery company and open an investigation.
  3. If in 2 weeks' time after receiving the report the case has not been solved, Cyrusher will issue a replacement.
  4. The customer can also opt for a full refund.
  5. In the event the item can be recovered, the customer may need be required to help arrange with the return shipping, all additional costs will be covered by Cyrusher,

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