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At Cyrusher Sports, our vision is to create the next generation of exceptional personal mobility vehicles accessible to everyone.

Our company name is derived from combining two words ─ Rusher and Cycling ─ meaning that we are driven to be a pioneer in cycling sports, our original mission.

As the company has evolved, we have expanded our mission beyond cycling, to meet the growing worldwide demand for personal short-distance movement solutions by creating the coolest, most cost-effective products built with innovative design and green technology. And, that’s not just with traditional e-bikes ─ the possibilities are endless!

My name is Harry Xie. I am the founder of Cyrusher Sports, the son of a poor farmer from Sichuan province. In 2010 I graduated from Xiamen University of Technology with a Business Degree. I knew that I could not only change my life but make a huge impact on others around the world by bringing the right product to market.

My partner in co-founding Cyrusher Sports is Nestor Sulu. Nestor is an IT engineer, a graduate in computer science from Autonomous University of Yucatan in Mexico. He is a top-notch web designer and branding expert, and a former IT manager for a multinational company, supervising staff in Mexico, India and China.

In 2014, I began selling reasonably-priced bicycle components online. I quickly realized that I could offer terrific bikes built in China to cycling enthusiasts in other countries at a good price. The response from clients was gratifying ─ people were thrilled with the bicycles. Understanding that e-bikes are the future for personal transportation, I started selling them online in 2015. Selling e-bikes internationally is a little more complicated and I was delighted to have considerable success. As orders grew, we faced some challenges with our reliance on suppliers and a critical business account.

I took several months for some deep thinking about the enterprise I was so passionate about. Reflecting on why I had started my company and my ultimate goal reaffirmed my desire to bring high quality, head-turning, e-bikes to riders at an affordable price. I was convinced that I could address the growing worldwide demand for e-bikes by creating an outstanding brand of electric bike that was the best value around.

In 2017, with great determination and a 25-strong team of employees, Nestor and I opened our own factory where we could build our electric bikes and future mobility vehicles ourselves. Current peak production is 3,000 PCS e-bikes per month. Our bikes have been quality tested internationally and meet CE, UL, Rhos and FCC standards. The Cyrusher brand name is registered and recognized everywhere ─ in Australia, China, the European Union, Japan, South Korea and the United States. Our headquarters and customer service are located in Shenzhen, considered the Silicon Valley of China, and we have fulfillment centers in China, France, Germany, Japan and the United States.

In just a few short years our resourcefulness, persistence and hard work have been rewarded with steadily increasing sales and remarkably positive customer reviews. We are excited to see our reputation grow for providing an exceptional product and putting our customers first.

My personal motivation is to continue innovating the industry with the coolest, most cost-effective e-bikes and other hi-tech personal mobility vehicles on the market. Cyrusher Sports is definitely committed and well-positioned to meet our customers’ needs now and in the future!

Harry Xie, Cyrusher founder

Harry Xie, founder of Cyrusher.
Graduated from Xiamen University of Technology with a Business Degree. He knew that he could not only change his life but make a huge impact on others around the world by bringing the right product to market.


Nestor Sulu, Cyrusher co-founder

Néstor Sulú, co-founder of Cyrusher.
An IT engineer graduated in computer science from Autonomous University of Yucatan in Mexico, saw in Cyrusher passion and great vision for the future.

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