Influencers Program


We would like to work with contents creators who want to use our ebikes to make something awesome on social media platforms such as YouTube channels, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Bloggers, Companies, Non-profits and everything in-between. If you're interested in working with us,

we're interested in hearing from you! To join Cyrusher Sports Influencer Program, please send us some following requirements to

Tell Us Someting About Youself

1. Your Name / Organization/Company Name

2. Website URL

3. Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/Tik tok URLs


What You Can Offer

1. Tell us about what you do?

2. How will you use our bikes?

3. How will you help grow/promote the Cyrusher Electric Bikes brand?

4. What would you need from us?


Due to the number of applications we receive, we're unfortunately unable to respond to them all,but our team reviews every single application we receive. 



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