Why you might be someone who needs an Ebike?

Monday, September 20, 2021

By Rick York | E-Bike Expert

21st, Sep.2021

So, who should consider an Ebike? The easy answer is everybody… but there are some specific groups who benefit the most. 


Commuting with an Ebike changed my life. I used to sometimes show up to the office sweaty, and if it was a long day, I didn’t always want to ride home. Somedays biking to work felt like a chore and it made me question my decision. Once I commuted on an Ebike I found the ride to be more enjoyable. After a long day at work and if the ride home feels too much to deal with, I’ll ride with the throttle and just cruise home. If I want a good ride, I’ll put my Ebike on pedal-assist 1 or put it on Eco mode and ride like I normally would. If I have a meeting that morning, I’ll use a higher pedal assist level and breeze up the hills to work. I still use my analog bike, but my Ebike has become my go-to commuter vehicle.

Older folks

As we age, our joints ache, our flexibility waivers, and our mobility isn’t quite what it once was. That doesn’t have to stop us from being active or healthy, however. An Ebike is a perfect investment in our health. Not only does it get us moving again, but it takes us farther and faster than we thought we could go. I was riding my Ebike on a trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire about a month ago and came across a group of friends who were electric mountain biking. They were in their fifties and raved about how they were able to do things they hadn’t done in years. They could tackle inclines, cover different terrain, and not suffer the soreness the next day. They said it was like they turned back the clock. It’s amazing what happens when you add some pedal assistance to your ride. 

Recovering from injuries

Biking for long spurts is not always easy for anyone with physical limitations. As a former athlete, I can’t tell you how many former teammates and competitors of mine have turned to Ebikes. At some point, they may have suffered a knee injury or currently suffer from back pain. With the motor and battery capabilities of Ebikes like the Cyrusher XF900, you can hit the road for long rides at safe road speeds while maintaining a comfortable sitting position. Maybe you can’t ride in an aggressive road bike position anymore; maintain your productivity while maximizing your comfort. Some days my old injuries still impact my ride, so I’ll hop on my cruiser and ride comfortably with my ergonomic grips for miles and miles.

Physically disabled

This group is similar to those who battle with old injuries or ailments. Anytime you can improve your health without adding to the wear and tear of the body it’s a benefit. If you are someone who suffers from a physical disability, it’s not always easy to pedal for miles upon miles, but it doesn’t mean you don’t want to take your bike for a ride. Find a bike with a throttle. It’s easy to use pedal assist and then switch to using the throttle when things get hard. Depending on how far or how fast you want to go, consider either a class-2 or class-3 Ebike. 

No matter who you are, you can find the right Ebike for your wants and needs. It’s an investment that continues to pay dividends years later, no matter which group you belong to.

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