Why E-bikes Have Become so Popular During the Pandemic - Part 2

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Perfectly practical

In addition to their affordability, e-bikes are an extremely practical transportation choice. As introduced in the context of ongoing expenses, they require little maintenance. Are you used to keeping a traditional bicycle in good working order? Then, you’ll be pleased to know servicing an electric bike is not much different.

Learning to ride one of these marvels of modern technology is a breeze! If you’ve ever been on a regular bike, riding an Ebike will be like second nature. Sure, there are a few new things to master on a pedal-assist bike. However, once you have a lesson or two and get the hang of things, you’ll become a skilled e-bike rider in no time at all!

The pandemic has thrown enough new challenges at us. So, a technology that’s practical to use and can keep us mobile is a real bonus.

Flexible and urban-friendly

Many individuals are reluctant to travel on public transit during the pandemic. Electric bikes are very flexible for use in an urban environment. In many metropolitan areas, fewer cars are on the road basically because more of us are staying home. Even so, cities are busy places. Riding an e-bike can help you navigate roadways readily.

E-bike riders know the joy of taking a route less traveled that may be less accessible when driving a car. It’s a great feeling to zip home for dinner quickly and easily on your e-bike!

Whether you’re heading to work or to the grocery store, you don’t have to be too worried about where you’re going to park. Electric bicycles are compact and easy to maneuver − you can find a spot for them just about anywhere. As well, storage is easy with cargo bikes or a folding Ebike that can be transported in a car or put away in your home.

Kind to the environment

Let’s continue, for a moment, with the thought about fewer cars on the road during the pandemic. This is really quite interesting and revealing! Around the globe, there are countless reports of pollution levels in major cities being considerably reduced while populations have been in lockdown.

A growing number of people are encouraged by this outcome. And, they’re searching for ways to live that are more environmentally sustainable for the planet. This is where the e-bike excels. With a growing number of individuals choosing electric bicycles over automobiles, the Earth’s carbon footprint can only continue to diminish.

This eco-friendly alternative has populations excited from the U.K. to the U.S. to countries in Europe and Asia. The promise of helping the planet to become healthier for future generations is another reason the popularity of e-bikes has soared during the pandemic!

Why Car Manufacturers Look to Ebikes to Fight Climate Change ?

Ebikes have primarily been used for recreation and leisure up until this point. As they are viewed more as items of utility, the climate benefits are largely unknown.

Where to start when looking for an Ebike?

Most often I find folks looking first at motors. I've heard people say premium Ebikes use mid-drive motors so I need that. I’ve heard others say I want a fast bike, so I need a hub motor.

Why you might be someone who needs an Ebike?

No matter who you are, you can find the right Ebike for your wants and needs. It’s an investment that continues to pay dividends years later, no matter which group you belong to.

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