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1. Search Cyrusher Sports on Facebook and follow us;

2. Send us your images of ebike (any brand) with dog/cat on Cyrusher Sports public Post;

3. Tell us with your shipping address and contact information by messenger or email;

4. Wait your free parcel for delivery ( Shipped by Amazon);

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Event Background:


Riding electric bike is a different pace to explore the adventure again that you are familiar but you may not pay too much attention to in the busy world today. (So does your pet)

Cyrusher, as one the of passionate on-line ebike suppliers, would like to invite you to pass the riding joy and fun with your furry friend at your side in the cycling seasons.

This activity is not intended to let you ride electric bike with our canine companion behind or ahead, but truly share the 3Ms-Care, Communication and Company with your loyalty friends.

So just one or more good memory record with them at any time, any place or any position will be enough. It totally depends on you. 

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About Us:

Cyrusher has sold more than 100,000 lithium battery powered bikes (Cyrusher and Lankeleisi Brand) around the world since 2014 and one of our best sellers and feature products are our fat tire electric bikes in all models and types: 500W-1000W, 10-26miles/h, hardtail, full suspension, folding and step through etc. 


If you are going to purchase your first electric bicycle or just consider to replace a current ebike,Cyrusher electric bikes might be one your of your options. (Fender,Rack,Front Light are available with 90% Pre-assembled upon delivery)



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