Aluminum frames with bright color designs that make Cyrusher bikes look amazing!

Sunday, July 4, 2021

You have made the change to an all-electric bike, why not do it in style? Cyrusher bike frames feature cool designs in bright colors that will make you feel proud of your e-bike and be the envy of your neighbors...and pretty much of everyone else.

The frames are made of 6061 aluminum. Each pattern is custom made, then the colors are chosen for each bike model and painted to the bike directly in our factory.

Cyrusher owners take color to the next level. Here one proud owner added a fishing tool of the same yellow color to match his bike with a creative gradient effect, hand-painted.

Each bike has a unique design pattern and selection of colors to reflect its unique personality. To add more coolness to Cyrusher bikes, the wheels also match the frame color. The color factor is something Cyrusher owners really love, so much that they have been so creative to the point of adding parts to the bike matching their color.

Cyrusher owners' creativity is endless. In this picture, one proud Cyrusher owner not only owns 3 Cyrushers, but he went to the level of adding colorful spoke skins to make his bikes look totally out of this world.

Owners love the bike's colorful design so much that they not only add parts matching the color, but they start extending color to all parts of the bike. One owner of 3 Cyrushers went to the level of adding colorful spoke skins to make his bikes amazingly awesome, and with that, he started a totally new fashion trend, with now almost being standard procedure, when an owner buys his bike and chose its color, the second thing they do is to buy the skin color spokes so when the bike arrives, adding the color spoke is the final step of their assembly procedure. Really amazing!

Painted frames in bright red color for the Cyrusher XF800 awaiting assembly at our factory.

Cyrusher bikes with their bright color frames designs turn heads wherever you ride.

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