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In the world of mountain biking, fat bikes have proven to be the go-to machines. The 4+ inch tires offer cushioning and allow the bike to cruise over terrains other mountain bikes would otherwise have a difficult time. These include snow and sandy conditions. In addition, they do very well on low tire pressure. During the winter you can count on this bike to keep you fit. Performance is what these bikes are for. Cyclists are always on the lookout for a challenge, no matter the time of year. With fat bikes, this has been made possible.

However, an e-fat bike adds spice to the whole fat bike experience. Granted, there is some controversy surrounding the electricity ran bikes, but the market is still expanding. New brands are cropping up and existing ones are, to some extent, forced to conform. Cyrusher has not been left out. Their XF660 fat tire electric bike is not just impressive, but a performer as well. It is loaded with top-notch features and quality components.

The Cyrusher XF660  has an aluminum frame with a front suspension fork. It is not just a matter of cruising, it is smooth cruising. The 500 Watt motor that is powered by the 48V battery provides enough power to keep you on the bike for at least 30 km purely on electric mode. 4” tires help tackle the tough the sand, snow or road with ease. You can also count on the alloy disk brakes to give that smooth and effective stoppage power needed. To top it all off, the overall design is stylish and comes with great colors too.

As you can see, there is so much more you can experience with an E-fat bike. Cyrusher XF660 has made sure of that. This is not just any standard mountain E-fat bike. This is an exploration and workout tool. This review is going to open up the world of the Cyrusher XF660 so that you can understand what lies ahead if you decide to make a purchase as well as the benefits you can enjoy. We will look at: the features of the Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike; benefits of the Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike; the pros of the Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike; the cons of the Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike; Missing links to Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike; and the final thoughts on Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike.

Features of Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike

One thing that comes to mind whenever a new product is mentioned is the features. Features determine what a product is worth and that is no different when it comes to bikes. Electric bikes no less. Cyrusher is a popular name in terms of e-bikes and has experience in what a cyclist dreams of in a bike. With the XF660 fat tire electric bike, they spared nothing as the features will tell.

  • The Cyrusher XF660 comes with a 6061 aluminum frame which means strength and durability without foregoing lightness when it comes to the weight.
  • The fork, also made from aluminum, includes a front lockout suspension that offers cushioning and shock absorption when cycling on rough terrains
  • For the power, Cyrusher XF660 is fitted with a 500 Watts brushless motor which is powered by a removable Samsung 48V/10.8Ah Lithium battery.
  • The braking system includes mechanical dual disk brakes for an efficient and flawless stoppage.
  • It comes with 26”*4” Chao Yang tires that can handle different terrains
  • The battery takes 5-7 hours for it to fully charge. It all boils down to the status of the battery
  • Cyrusher XF660 can travel a distance of 30-40 miles under full electric power and has a speed of up to 25mph.
  • It comes with a throttle in three types; twist throttle, power assisted and pedal only. The twist throttle is easy to operate and offers a firm grip.
  • It has 7speed Shimano shift to aid in the change of gears
  • It is also fitted with a speed controller with 3 modes: low-medium-fast
  • Cyrusher XF660 has an LCD screen that can be used to monitor battery status
  • It also comes with LCD lights and a horn for safety purposes
  • The average size is 17”*26”*4” which is big enough to accommodate users of between 5’5” to 6’6” in height.
  • It can support up to a maximum weight of 350lbs
  • On delivery, it is 90% assembled and it comes with a 1-year warranty on the frame and motor while the battery has six months.
  • It has a variety of colors to choose from including Black red, white blue, black green and black yellow.
  • Cyrusher XF660 comes at a total weight of 55 pounds

The benefits of Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike

Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike does not just come with great features; it is loaded with benefits as well. The features made sure of that. It is in the human psyche to look at something they can get from a product. It is not a matter of having looks only but also the benefits to attain. This is why the manufactures at Cyrusher made sure that as a cycling enthusiast, commuter or a person looking for some much-needed workout, you can find all your needs in this bike. Some of the benefits include:

  • The Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike comes in a number of colors coupled with a stylish design. If looking too is a concern, then Cyrusher XF660 does not disappoint.
  • As far as electric e-bikes go this is considered to be inexpensive. Its price is pretty low while other e-bikes can be twice as expensive than this beauty.
  • It is easy to assemble since it comes 90% assembled. It can take a maximum of thirty minutes to have it fully assembled once delivered.
  • The ride is usually smooth because of the huge tires and because of the front fork suspension  all terrains can be handles easily
  • Overall, Cyrusher XF660 is an easy bike to use. It is not as technical as other e-bikes.
  • Your security is enhanced by mechanical breaks, horn, and LCD lighting.
  • Another benefit is the ergonomic design. Cyrusher XF660 is a comfortable bike with a comfortable saddle and the quick release seat makes it easy to adjust. Long handlebars offer the space as well as the grip to enjoy a comfortable ride.
  • This bike offers a one of a kind workout, especially during winter.
  • The frame is huge enough to accommodate users with varying height and strong enough to carry those with some extra weight.
  • It is an easy bike to maintain thanks to the quality components and state of the art features.

Pros of the Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike

Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike just keeps getting better. We have seen what good comes out so it is time to look at what makes it a better bike than other e-bikes. This bike does come with a number of pros and they include:

  • An impressive battery: With a battery life of 500 times recharge cycle Cyrusher XF660 has an impressive battery known to last for over 40miles on electric mode. This makes it ideal for commuting or even leisure rides. The battery is also removable which means you can charge it while it’s on or off the bike.
  • An excellent throttle system: There are three throttle styles to choose from: twist throttle, pedal assist, and pedal only. It all depends on what you prefer. In case of a knee injury, you can still use this bike without exerting so much pressure on the affected area.
  • A great breaking system: The mechanical alloy disk brake is known to offer the best in terms of breaking. This means more control in how fast the bike should go and when to stop.
  • Quality tires: Apart from the huge tires, Cyrusher XF660 can run on extremely low pressure. Ideally, they suggest 20 psi for optimum performance but even when the pressure is as low as 5 psi you can still enjoy a ride and with good traction too.
  • A light option: The weight vis-à-vis the frame size is quite light. It is a huge bike made from aluminum which means that it is lighter than if it was made from other materials such as steel.
  • Great speeds: You can enjoy seven speeds with this bike. It has Shimano shifter which makes it easy to shift from one gear to another when tackling hilly terrains.
  • Affordability: Among mountain fat e-bikes, Cyrusher XF660 is affordable. There are other fat e-bikes with the same features and overall quality but can cost twice as much.

The cons of Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike

After looking at all the positives to enjoy from the Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike, it all comes down to the unpleasant part, the cons. Yes, there is so much to appreciate in relation to this bike, but assuming that it has no flaws will be lying after all it is man-made. However, even as we appreciate some negative facts, it is important to have in mind the reasons of listing them out. It is not to disqualify it as a performer, but to offer an open analysis so that one can make an informed decision in terms of purchase. There are a number of cons and they are:

  • The instruction manual is lacking. It is not clear on the specification of certain components that are part of the 10% that have not been assembled.
  • There are no fenders on the bike and in wet and muddy conditions there is nothing to protect you from splashes
  • At 55 pounds, it is a heavy bike. In reality, fat bikes are usually heavy and if you have to carry them somewhere, say up to a flight of stairs, it is going to be difficult.
  • Even though it is cheaper than other fat e-bikes it still remains an expensive option, especially for those on a tight budget.
  • Since it is a heavy bike it can be hard to maneuver when working moderately to steep hills.
  • It takes more than five hours to fully charge. This is a very long time that will require you charge it at night or when it’s not urgent to use.
  • For users below 5’5” this is not the best bike and the size also favors men.

Missing links to Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike

Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike, despite being an impressive performer still lacks in some quarters. There are some issues that the manufacturers overlooked and it affects the performance. Some of these flaws can be easily dealt with by applying homemade solutions. They are referred to as missing links and just like the cons they do not take away from what this bike can do. It is a matter of being informed. Some of the missing links attached to this bike are:

  • A water bottle holder. An experienced cyclist can relate to dehydration. While on the bike you need to keep hydrated, but with the lack of a water bottle holder, it is a challenge. To mitigate this, visit a bike shop and have it installed.
  • Lack of reflectors can really be an issue to your safety. However, this can be easily corrected with a visit to your nearest bike shop.

Final thoughts on Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike

Sure, there are some downsides but Cyrusher XF660 has proven that is value for money and time. It is worth every minute you spend on it as it is a workout option. As for commuters, let’s just say you have found the best partner. It cushions well and provides the best speed as well as lasting battery life. The components are also quality with brands like Shimano making part of the machine. It has surpassed all the standards of most fat electric bikes and does not disappoint in performance. I recommended Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike to any mountain bike or any curious cyclists. Click here to check out this bike.