Order over the Phone

Safely buy your e-bike by a phone call

Websites are not your thing? No worries at all, we are here to help. Our dedicated sales staff will be happy to assist you over the phone to help you place your order smoothly, fast, and safely.

What to do?

1. Select Your Bike

Browse all our bike models on our UK website or USA website to decide which one you want. You will need to decide on the model and color before calling us.

Bike models (may change over time): XF650, XF690, XF800, XF900, Kommoda, XF770, XF590

2. Call Us

Call our sales team over the phone and tell us what bike model and color you wish to buy.

United States: (800) 778-0116
United Kingdom: 01134 900889

3. Provide Shipping Information

Tell us your contact information
- First name, Last name
- Phone No
- Email address

Tell us your shipping address, make sure to include:
- Street, exterior number, interior number
- City
- State
- Postal Code

4. Provide Payment Information

Have your credit card on hand
- Tell us your card information (cardholder name, expiration date, CCV)
- You will receive an SMS with a verification code
- Provide us with that verification code to complete your payment

5. Congratulations!

You will be a new Cyrusher owner, welcome to the family!.

You will get an email with your order information and password to login to your Cyrusher account to follow up on your order, warranty, support, and more.